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dinsdag 18 maart 2014

°• Stitching - Spring versus X-mas •°

Spring versus X-mas, sounds a bit like Europe versus USA..
It's the same.

Hope you hanging in with all that snow.
Maybe this will be a bit of a happy thought for all you who are stuck in the snow.
I so love the cartoons, the songs, the girls, really everything about this movie
Disney - Frozen

°• ♥ •°

Then for my stitching part.
I have been working a bit on my LK  JINGLES SAL
Really love the fabric, the colors, the way how it looks.
It's been much counting.
Learning new things is fun, and doing it with friends is even more fun.
Here you can see all the colors pop up good.
Isn't it beautifull =)))

°• ♥ •°

Then I wanted to make a cute Spring design.
By seeing the adorable alphabet pattern by Joan Elliot in the latest The world  of Cross Stitch I fell in love right away.
I saw on Facebook a part of somewone who was stitching it.
I wanted to do the same!!
Here is my progress
Look at that sheeps, the colors, the cute cute cute LADYBUGS!!! and all the flowers and butterfly's.
♥ It's perfect ♥
A reall Spring design

I'm going to do some stitching, kids are playing with friends and hubby is cooking for us..
So have a great week, see you soon =D

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

19 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

O, wat wordt de schaapjes met letters leuk. En wat lekker dat je man voor jullie kookt. Fijne week.

Anoniem zei

zooo schattig die schaapjes, je LK is ook erg mooi ♥

ricketyjo zei

Gorgeous stitching, the spring piece is really uplifting in its lovely bright colours :)

Dani - tkdchick zei

The wonderful bright colours you're working with just make me think of spring... caause we're going from winter right back to winter again, spring and summer are skipping Canada this year!

Anne zei

Beautiful stitching Annette!! I love the sweet Joan Elliot spring lambs. So adorable! I hope spring warms up for us here! Hugs

Annie zei

Stitching for all seasons. Love the alphabet. The lambs are so cute. I'm hoping we've had our last snowstorm and now Spring can really set in. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is more to come with this wild winter.

Gera zei

Mooi weer Annette!!
Lief die schaapjes!

groetjes, Gera

Mylene zei

First off, Thank you so much for the lovely lovely gift!
The LK is coming along beautifully!
And wow! that Spring alfabet sure looks adorable and such lovely colours.

Stitching Noni zei

Loving your Jingles! Great to see you are really making some good progress after your cuddles with the frog!! :)
I saw those spring lambs on FB and in the mag... They are so cute and are definitely on my stitching list :)
Big hugs x

Blu zei

Lovely stitching!

Angel zei

Ah, dat schaapjesalfabet is superschattig!Leuk voor de lente.
De stof staat prachtig bij je kleuren komen goed tot hun recht.
Veel borduurplezier!

Valma zei

cute, cute, cute, over cute stitchings =)
I love those sheep !
I saw them too in the mag and really thought I had to stitch some :)
great idea to write spring with them
very well done on both pieces !!
those jingles are lovely and your fabric is so great
happy stitching Petite Anne =D
big big hugs

Preeti zei

Great going on the SAL!! Those alphabets are super cute! :)
Are you stitching the entire set of letters?

Marie-Jeanne zei

Heel mooi en schattig.
Gr, M-J.

cucki zei

Super cute...
I love them so much..beautiful stitching
Big hugs x

Amarins zei

Wat zijn je schaapjes toch lief, zo leuk. En je jingles gaan lekker vooruit, prachtig. helaas heb ik er nog niet weer aan kunnen werken. eerst even andere dingen. Groetjes, Amarins

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette and than you for visting my blog!
I also saw the Sheep alphabets in newest issue of WOX and liked them very much-I love romantic and vintage style but there is always a spot in my heart to the cute style of stitching too.

Well done !!

Rita zei

I'm a very lucky girl because i already saw the whole piece!:D
And its soooo beautiful!! I so love this little sheeps with the letters...they are lovely!!
You will put it on a frame?? I'm curious! :)

Your Jingles is similar to mine, except i did the first one above on the left and you did the one on the bottom ehehe
It's looking beautiful!
And its great to stitch with friends!! :)
I'm all set to start april with my new block:))

many hugs****

♥ Nia zei

I've seen your spring finish on a recent post, looks wonderful! Beautiful :D
Your LK is growing!! Hope to start mine soon, I want to join the fun!!! :D