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dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Craft teacher on school !!

Last year in November Noah's teacher came to me, asking if I would like it to help the kids learning to craft.
On school there is no room/time anymore that kids learn it from teachers 

It did when I was little, but nower days, it's gone.

I like that very much..
But what to make.. the kids are 4-5-6 years old.
And I have 45 minutes the time.

It's ones a months.
The first time was with Sinterklaas.
So wanted to make something for it.
At that point my favorite felt designer made a tutorial on her blog.
I made it and tryed it with Noah, Kira en neighbor girl.
This is the results
(Left one is mine)
I changed the materials, because on school they don't have much.

The kids liked it so much!!
And here how the kids on school did it

Normally I get 4 kids, but she asked if I could do 7, and another mom would help me then.
Kids loved it so much..


Then in February ( January I forgot it ;(( ) they where working about the body and the teacher asked if I could do something with it
This is what I thought
A simple gingerbread body and then make it in to a person
Now I got this time a lot of crafty kids who liked it very much.. look at this

Isn't that great???
We have a bride, two boys and a girl

They had a lot of fun again.


Today was it again, and now they are working about Spring and flowers.
I got some balls of leftover yarn from a neighbor.. GREAT because I have not a real budget to buy things, till now used materials of my own, or what they have on school (not much)

I thought to try and learn the kids finger crochet...
It was fun.. hard but fun.

This time I had a 3 boys and 1 girl.

3 where saying "I can't do that" and another one didn't liked it..
But with many help we started, here a picture the teachers made of me learning it the girl

See all the yarn.. we can do it more often.

Curious of the end results??
here it is.. a flower with finger crochet

The red rose was my model (it's now a gift fo the neidhbor girl she liked it so much).

The other 4 where made by the kids..

How crafty are kids????... 

It's not always what they like to do, but they do it..!!
Already thinking of what to make the next time!!

♥ * ♥

What do you all think of my header??
It's still real SPRING-weather, but I;m afraid not for long.
We life outside.. eat outside..
my garden is getting so beautifull

♥ * ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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olifantje68 zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
olifantje68 zei

Wat leuk dat je zo met de kinderen bezig bent op school
En je foto's zijn prachtig , lentegevoel

Stitching Noni zei

How fantastic for you and the kids. I think it's a great idea to be teaching them crafty things :) They are very clever!
It's nice to see that the weather is changing to Spring now... You can start to thaw out!! :)
Hugs xx

Carol zei

Oh, I'll bet Noah just loves having you help out with craft time, Annette! Your ideas are wonderful and I'm very impressed with everything the children made. You are obviously an excellent teacher :)

Your new header photos are great--spring has sprung!! At least over there--it was warm and sunny here today, but tomorrow we are getting more snow! Can you believe it?! But, it won't last long this time of year...

Have a lovely week!

Valma zei

FANTASTIC !! so great
this is a real great good idea to do this, and the kids seems to be gifted and ready to follow you during those workshops !
really great
the flowers are amazing
I wish I had a craft teacher like you when I was at school :D
can't wait to see next workshop pieces :)

Annie zei

That's the perfect job for you! It's a shame you can't do it full time. Very nice collection of projects that let the kids show their creativity.

Spring? We had a taste today, but wild weather ahead for us!

Preeti zei

I noticed the new header as soon as I opened your blog. Very nice!!:)
You are a very busy person. How wonderful you got that opportunity to teach kids and you did a great job!! All the creations look lovely :)
I heard about finger crochet for the first time. Your flower looks very pretty!!:)
Enjoy the spring time!! We are almost done with it in India and after few days we will have hot summer beginnings :(

Anoniem zei

leuk dat je op school helpt met handwerken!

Angel zei

Leuke lente foto's van de kids!
Jammer he, we kunnen best aan dit weer wennen.
Hopelijk krijgen we een lange mooie zomer!
Leuk om te zien wat je op school knutselt met ze.Zelf ben ik leesmama op school in groep 3...echt superleuk om zo betrokken te zijn.
Nog veel knutselplezier!

Rita zei

Above all you can do, you are still a craft teacher!! How awesome is that?!! I just loved the ideas you had and what you did with the kids! Its wonderful!!
And teaching new arts to the kids is just fantastic!! Great job you did sweetie!! :)))
Kepp going!;)