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maandag 27 januari 2014

Still a bit of pink :)

Thank you all for the congratz wishes on Kira's birthday.
She had a awesome time and got very spoiled
Here a little collage of her day

The first pic, is from our very first girls morning.
She loved it so much.
We will do that more often

Last post, I didn't had time to take a pic of the last gift for Kira.
She has a doll-bed, and I made some bedding for it.
 I starting to love Patchwork

 a cute little pillow
 And there she is, in this beautifull bed!!!
It still needs a mattress, and the bed needs to get painted.
Also next week I;m starting on a crochet blanket for it.
In Holland they started the Dutch Crochet Alone 2014. It's a awesome piece, started on the 3th of January, beacause mine will be small I can keep up with it, but more of that next time!!

***** ♥ ♥ ♥ *****

Last year a colleague asked me to make her a special piece for her Godson who was expecting a baby girl.
It's in the style of the baby room
It was the piece with the 250 pieces of ribbon.
Remember that I told you about that????
Here is the end-result!
It's was a big project.. 

Loved making the owl.
( I think it will also be the last time. cutting and binding al those ribbons... =((  )

But my colleague loved it, and so do I ♥

* ♥ *

So tonight I;m doing some felt peanut craft, more of that later.
Have a great evening, night, mornning and afternoon, where ever you live!! 

♥ ~ ♥

My sweet friend Petra, after being addicted to not only cross stitch but also crochet and felting ( I;m innocent ) decided to write on her blog again.
Please all go have a look at her beautifull blog.
She also decided to write in English, so easy to read.
And if you look good you can she the project I'm working on, she is making it too


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Petra zei

The bed for the doll is toooo cute, you did a lovely job, Annette

Hihihi, I hope my writings will be appreciated *blush* Thank you for your kind words

Have a good evening, big hug

olifantje68 zei

Wat een leuk poppebedje
En je krans met de uil is toch helemaal super
groetjes Annie

Nina Hobbysite zei

Je krans met uiltje is geweldig. Wat een hoop lintjes heb je daarvoor nodig. En je dochter wordt al een echt dametje.

Preeti zei

The bedding looks so cute !! you made Kira's Birthday very special :) we like doing lots of things for kids and it's not so easy to find time out of our daily hectic schedule and accomplish what we plan to make. You did it !! Keep up the crafty mommy happy in you :)
The ribbon gift looks very sweet !!

Annie zei

Luckiest doll and little girl in the world! Love the photo of Kira applying blush! How cute!

Carol zei

Oh, you are so lucky to have a daughter to have a "girl's day" with, Annette! Little Kira is so sweet with all of her pink presents :) And the wreath for your friend turned out great--I can imagine that cutting all of those ribbons was very tiring!!

I'll go take a look at Petra's blog now--thanks for the link...

Hope you are having a warmer winter than we are--it is -7°F here this morning and all the schools have closed once again.

♥ Nia zei

ohh sweet little Kira =) she's soooo cute!!! :D
Her doll has a crib!! How cute is that :D Great work!
Yes, I do remember reading about those ribbons :p Fun piece! :)
Hugs to you my sweet friend!!

Anoniem zei


This is my first visit to your lovely blog.
Happy birthday to sweet Kira. All the presents you made for her are gorgeous.
Lovely garland too.

Valma zei

Over cute little girl on her very special day =)
I love the first pic in the collage, while making up, so cute
you really have made a great job with this doll blanket
a great beautiful patchwork !
and your wreath, wow, very pretty ! sure your colleague loved it !!!
it's beautiful
can't wait to see your peanuts work here =D
big hugs

Stitching Noni zei

Oh how sweet is Kira :)
Love the bedding you made for her dolls bed. And that pretty wreath... Just gorgeous :)
Hugs xx

Bernadett zei

Lovely ping blog post.:) I love it!!!

Rita zei

I'm in loveee with that doll, that beautiful blanket (lovely!!) and her bed!!All so cute!! I'm sure Kira loves to play with it all!! I would!;)

That garland with sooo many ribbons is so pretty!! love the owl! (i like owl's a lot!;)) Great job!:)
many kisses****

Rita zei
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Rita zei

I forgot to say something VERY important!!
I lovedddd Kira's pictures!! She is a overload of cuteness!! Beautiful!;)