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vrijdag 10 januari 2014

New crochet piece ♥

All recoverd from christmas??
My sweet mailwoman thinks it's still christmas, she keeps bringing me Xmas mail.

I'm not complaning, it's so much fun, when a package comes, no matter when..

 Sweet Carol send me a beautifull card, with a chart from Lizzie katie Jingles..

I love it so much.. really too cute it is!!
With a wonderfull piece of ribbon, and needles.

Thank you so much Carol, your really too sweet

 Sweet Noni sent me mail also.
My brother was at that time with us,.

The look on his face that i got a package from Australia.. so fun =))))

The bookmark is made by her DH
Thank you so much Noni

And sweet Petra who unfortually don't blog anymore :(( , send me this wonderfull piece.
I got her addicted to the felt craft, 
so now every day she has too choose, stitch, crochte or felt..
♥ What a hard life we have. ♥
Thank you so much Petra

* * * 

So the Xmas decoration is all back at the attic.. time for one of my favorite flowers.
♥ Snowdrops ♥

 The beautifull felted snowdrop I got last year for my B-day from Nia.. 
Really so in love with it.

I didn't made more for this year January display

Too busy working for Kira's birthday.
She will be turning 3 on the 18th.

So busy busy..
Hope I can make it, what i all wanne make.

Here is a start from a doll I'm crocheting for her

I really hope she will like it..
It's going to be a big doll. 
Crochteing her with Clover Amour G 4.0 mm

I need to go to work.
Have a great weekend all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Dani - tkdchick zei

Wow Christmas is never ending!

Petra zei

What a lovely post again!!

Yes, we do have a really hard life, and I promise I will blog again this weekend

Kira's doll is awesome, I'm sure Kira will love it too

Wish you a great weekend

Stitching Noni zei

It is always a sad time when the Christmas tree and decorations go away again... I am so pleased you like the bookmark. Hubby did it on his embroidery machine - it is an Anita Good design using wash away stabiliser.
Hugs xx

Carol zei

Oh, my gosh--I can't believe Kira is turning three!! I can still remember when she was born and it doesn't seem like three years have passed... I know she'll love her doll, Annette--can't wait to see it all finished up.

So glad you liked my little gifts--I hope you enjoy stitching the LK chart, too :)

Katie zei

Oh I do love Snowdrop! I have yet to attempt to crochet a toy, I have plenty of hats and scarves. Can't wait to see your finish!

Preeti zei

Lovely gifts from your friends!! Can't wait to see the doll you are making :)

♥ Nia zei

It's lovely to see the little snowdrop doll in such a special place =)))))
You have some wonderful mail :D over here i think christmas is gone until next deçember,,, i miss it already! :)
Wow!! 3? Already? :p your little girl is growing fast!! =)

Mylene zei

Such lovely gifts received from friends!
WOW! Kira turning 3...time flies... Looking forward to see your creations. Goodluck!

Bernadett zei

Lovely presents dear Annette.:) I still receive mine,too.:)))
We are Christmas still decorated,because our second Xmas was on the 7th of January and the second new year is tomorrow.:)
You make pretty crocheting.:)
Happy New Year.

Valma zei

sure you'll succeed in doing everything you want for Kira =)
and I'm absolutely sure she will loooove
you received beautiful gifts.
I agree with you, whenever a gift is the mail box it gives great pleasure =)
amazing bookmark from Noni indeed....I received a amazing one too !!!
and this snowdrop, wow, so beautifully displayed
your heart-shelf is perfect this way !
go crafting now =D
big hugs Petite Anne

Rita zei

Ok..i'm trying to read all my delay blogs!!
I know that christmas it was a month ago, but i didn't read this post, so i'm catching up now:)

So cute and lovely things you receveid :))
That doll felt that Nia sent you is so lovely....and its beautiful in that place in your house:))
I still have to read all about

Kira's birthday!! I don't gave you congratulations on that day:(( It was the days that i had my son ill at home...sorry :((
I will read all about it:))