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zaterdag 18 januari 2014

♥ ♥ ♥ Little Kira just turned 3 years ♥ ♥ ♥

Can you remember that I posted this photo 3 years ago after giving birth to my beautifull little girl
♥Happy Birthday my sweet girl♥
Save in her daddy´s arms for the very first time =))
~ ~ ~
The past three years she has grown so much, made a little collage from some beautifull pictures
♥ * Adorable * ♥

With a birthday you have presents, and again I made them all myself.
She was enjoying me sew-stitch-crochet so much the last weeks ;)))
I really hope I will get such a big smile tomorrow!!

Let's start with the most awesome piece.
The crochet doll
* * * 
I'm so in love with this doll.. Think I will make her again.. hihi
( took it with me to my the nursing home where I work, they really loved it)
It's crochet with hook G 4.0 
It's pretty large

♥ * ♥

Then I made a while back a Hello Kitty stitching piece.
And finally I finsihed it off in too a pillow case
It's perfect.. 
The pillow is 50x50 so also a big piece!!

♥ * ♥

Another stitching piece also got finished
This was a freebie by Vinniey at Cottage Garden Samplings
From the moment I stitched it I know I needed to make a pink pillow out of it.
And lucky as I was, my sweet friend Nia send me 3 pieces of light pink fabric.

I had this plan in my mind for over 2 years now, and finally it's done..
Thank you Vinniey for the cute design and Nia for the wonderfull fabrics ( next post another finish with the fabrics).

♥ * ♥

We had a bit of sunshine this morning.. a bit 
♥ * ♥

As last for this post gifts I had to plan making a total set that Kira could wear when playing in her kitchen.
I had it all in my mind.
Here is the start of the idea
A Apron from my selfmade pattern after looking to 1000 pictures

I love it.. but after it was finish, not totally as I hoped..
And since Kira likes to decide herself how things look like, she can choose the rest.

There will be more kitchen crafts this year!!

♥ * ♥

Then I really have to show you so such a cute sweet gift.
Yesterday the mailwomen  we only have woman here in town who bring the mail so 2014 hihi =))brought a pacakage from France for Kira..

That can only be from two people.. and yes..
Sweet Valérie and her SuperHubby send little Kira a birthday gift.

 She loved it so much..
A Hello Kitty scarf and hairpins

This morning she needed to go too school.

Mommy where is my new scarf I love it so much..
Thank you so much sweeties!!

♥ * ♥

As last I wanne show you the basket I made for Kira's little dog with XL yarn =))))
Do you wanne know the name of the little dog??
Don't laugh :O
* Little Sausage *
LMEO whahahahahahah.
Yes the dog is named Sausage
She is so happy with it!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

18 opmerkingen:

Stitching Noni zei

Happy Birthday Kira :)
I love all your gorgeous presents - your Mummy is very clever :)
Have a lovely day!
Hugs xx

Annie zei

Big hugs to Kira on her birthday! She's looking so grown-up these days. And what a wonderful assortment of birthday gifts. Love that crocheted Kira doll!

Anne zei

Happy Birthday Kira! You are a lucky happy little girl to have such a talented mommy to craft you such beautiful gifts!! Hope you have a beautiful day!! :)

olifantje68 zei

Ten eerste gefeliciteerd met kira's verjaardag
Je heb t haar lekker verwend met al je gemaakte spulletjes
Wat zal ze er blij mee zijn
Past mooi op haar roze kamer
Fijne dag vandaag
groetjes Annie

angelina zei

Zo leuk allemaal! Ik ben erg benieuwd wat ze er van vind.. ze is er vast super blij mee!

Liefs Angelina

Petra zei

Happy B-day to Kira, you made adorable presents.
Wishing you a lovely day

Petra zei

Happy B-day to Kira, you made adorable presents.
Wishing you a lovely day

Petra zei

Happy B-day to Kira, you made adorable presents.
Wishing you a lovely day

Nina Hobbysite zei

De pop en kussen zijn erg mooi! Gefeliciteerd!

Preeti zei

Happy Birthday to Kira!!:)
Wow, Annette!! Those are all so adorable cute gifts. The doll is gorgeous and sweet!! Pillows are lovely !! Everything is just so beautiful!! :)
Very sweet of Nia and Valerie for adding joy to Kira's special day!!:)

kronova zei

Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Kira. super al die zelfgemaakte kadootjes. fijne dag!

Daniela zei

Happy Birthday to Kira!!!
Lovely presents!!!
I wish her a really nice day!!
Loved Sausage :))

Angel zei

Wat een geweldige kado's!!
De pop is een plaatje.
Vind het kussen met de vogeltjes ook superlief, ik ga het patroontje eens opslaan...wie weet komt ie nog een keer van pas!
Nog maar 3 jaar..geniet ervan...mijn kleintje wordt 5 maart alweer 7!
Wat vliegt de tijd!

Carol zei

What a darling little girl Kira is, Annette--I've so enjoyed watching her grow up over the past three years! And I've also enjoyed watching all the pretty pink creations you've made for her--the pillows are darling and her bed for Sausage is so sweet (love his name!!).

That was so nice of Valerie and her husband to think of Kira on her special day--what great gifts :)

So, ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday to you, Kira!! ♫♪♫ May all your wishes come true in your new year!! Big hugs from Auntie Carol :)

Valma zei

What a sweet little girl =)
We have seen her growing so much during those 3 years (even if she was already 1 and a half when we 'met' =D)
So cute, and such a great collage
Once again you made wonderful gift for this birthday
Your pillows are really great, perfect fabrics & sewing ! and this pretty !
very well done for your little angel.
we are really happy she enjoyed our gift =)
Nit a handmade one but sent with love =)
have a great week sweetie
big hugs

♥ Nia zei

ohhhhh I missed the day! sorry little Kira =( Happy birthday to you little girl!!! :D

Sorry I missed this post earlier... busy days, so much on my mind, so much to do.. and I thought I was keeping up to date with blogs :p

Little Kira had a special days and so many wonderful gifts :) I can imagine she was over the moon!! :D
I love your pillows, you did a great work ;) glad to help with some fabrics! Happy to see them into good use heheheh
Your doll is big!!! Amazing :D Is she Kira's new BF? :D hehehe
Well done with the basket for little sausage :p hehehhehehehe

Bernadett zei

Happy birthday ti Kira! :)
I can see you are in Hello Kitty mood ,too.:)))

Rita zei

Oh..i missed Kira's birthday...i'm so sorry again:( i won't next year!!

She is soooo beautiful....simply beautiful!! My God, time goes by really fast indeed! They were so tiny just a few months ago and now they are all grown up ..i see that through my son...he will turn 3 years in june..they have 6 months of difference!! :))

All that you make is soooo beautiful..just LOVED the doll!! it's perfect!! I feel like hold her and kept her with me loll
And the pillows are just the design with the word Love and the birds....perfect!! You have fairy hands:))

Sweet Valerie sent such a pretty gift...i bet Kira really loved it.
Hope you all, specially her, had a wonderful day!!:))

many kisses*****