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woensdag 14 augustus 2013

♥ Your the sweetest ♥

Your really all the sweetest..
I got so many sweet comments.
Thank you all so much
I had a wonderfull birthday, also needed to work, had a wonderfull time at work.

But not only sweet comments, mails and tweets I got.
Also wonderfull gifts.


♥ Let me show you the paradise I got ♥


A week before my B-day I got a package from Valérie..
But is was worth the wait!!
Look at this wonderfull collage I made from it
What do you think???
Sweet Valérie knows I love white.. she is collecting white things to send me, but also wanted to make me something..
She made me a real Dutch stitching piece... 
Look how beautifull it is made.
A wonderfull tray, Made by the M-couple
And the little biscornu.. so sweet..
then she also added wonderfull goodies.
I love the button jar.. and in that button jar are ..... buttons... whahaha... lol
Wonderfull linen threads, never seen them, ribbon..a flower candle holder 
Valérie.. you spoiled me..
And making it open just after midnight and had such a great talk.. made my day the best start..
Thank you sweetie

Another great package came from Saskia

Do I love white and hearts????
Yes I do.. 

Thank you so much Saskia.

A sweet card came from Ingrid, thank you so much

On my birthday I got another big package
A lot of goodies, but not only for me.. also for my kids.
Ingrid, your really too sweet.
She made me this wonderfull heart from HVK, I love it..
I thought this was the first heart from a big line of many hearts!!
Can't wait making more!!
The paper birdhouses, I think they are so great to make with Kira...
and that heart fabric.. really wonderfull.
Thank you so much Ingrid

Sweet Angelè send me this beautifull heart card with a package from HVK..
mmmm, do I like HVK.... hihi.. I love HVK..
Thank you so much Angelè so sweet.

Also my Grandma brought me a visite.
She made me this wonderfull knitted scraf from ribbon.. yes from RIBBON..
It's something new, I haven't seend it.. but on my FB I got comments, that more seen it.
It wil be the next big hit in trends...

From Ellen, I got this wonderfull card, thank you so much.

A card from sweet Roos, who just became a Grandma for the first time!!!

From another Ellen, I got this wonderfull gift today.
She is a designer..
And a good one also.
Some of you know her a Atelier Duimelotje, end is at the moment working on a wonderfull serie of a felt pieces from Peter Rabbit.
There is the book from.
The package is one of her newest design 'A flower specialy for you'.
Isn't she sweet..

Then sweet Elisa send me this today
She has made 100 of those lucky dolls for charity.
She is also a wonderfull crafter.
Thank you so much..


So from last week till now every day a gift or wonderfull card arrived
How is that for a biryhday girl like me..

And I have been told a few more packages are on there way to me..
So what will the maillady bring me tomorrow???

I wanne thank you all for your lovely comments on my Give-away..
Take a change it's still open till the 31th of August.
Comment only on THIS (<- font="" klick="" post="">

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

18 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Wat een leuke kadootjes heb je gehad. En echt heel veel. Je bent dus echt jarig geweest.

olifantje68 zei

Tjonge, jij bent echt heerlijk verwend met je verjaardag
Wat een leuke kadoos heb je gekregen
Lekker nagenieten van al dit moois
groetjes Annie

Angel zei

Geniet lekker van al je mooie kadootjes!
Zooo leuk dat je ook een handige oma hebt...zit dus in de genen dat geknutsel;-)

Pauline zei

Wat ben je heerlijk verwend!!!
Ik had eigenlijk ook plannen om je iets te sturen..maar helaas geen tijd en geld..maar ach, wat in het vat weet maar nooit! ;)

Marion zei

Annette wat ben je heerlijk verwend. Niet alleen jij maar de kinderen ook.
Geniet van alle kado'tjes.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Annie zei

So many lovely gifts! You really know how to pick your friends!

cucki zei

aww so many cute gifts...they all so cute.
hugs x

Valma zei

wow wow wow wooooooow :D
You got spolied sweetie
wonderful gifts
I'm in love, but absolutely in love with 'a flower especially for you' !!!! so cute, over cute ! I can't wait to see it done by you !! wonderful cute mouse =)
I'm happy you enjoyed the gifts I sent you =D
I told you last birthday I'll do better this year =D
big big hugs

marietje zei

Heerlijk om zo verwend te worden! En weet je wat, je hebt het verdient!

Blu zei

So many cute gifts! You have wonderful friends.

Preeti zei

Lovely gifts !! So beautiful, all of them!:)

Daniela zei

So many gifts!!!! All beautiful! The scarf from you grandma is really wonderfull!
Have a nice weekend!
Big hugs

Rita zei

First of all, and with some delay, Happy Birthday!! I'm sure you had a wonderful day!!:)
And you have received so many wonderful gifts!! Lovely!
Friends are the best, right?
Many kisses!

Bernadett zei

Wonderful p[resents,lovely friends!:) <3


Pumpkin zei

Holy smokes! Look at all those lovely gifts :) I saw what Valerie make you on her Blog. She did a brilliant job!

I'm glad that you had a wonderful day. You definitely deserve it :)

Lumiruusu zei

Hello annette !
All the gifts are lovely and x-stitched tray is a special treasure.

♥ Nia zei

Catching up on my blog reading!! Sorry I'm behind sweetie :p we've been so busy, spending time with family and also taking our vacation to change a few things at home... Oh I have so much to share! Need some time and energy ;) heheheh

So much love and goodies :D makes me happy to see this post, you are a sweetheart, you deserve so much! I'm happy to see you receiving so many lovely gifts :)
Just not happy with me because my gift isn't there yet :p it will be soon ;)


Stitching Noni zei

Oh my goodness, what an amazing surprise for you - all those gorgeous gifts and cards :) I love all the white pressies!!
Your mail lady has been very busy delivering to you :)
Hugs x