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donderdag 6 juni 2013

♥ ~ Hello Kitty ~ ♥

It's Summer in the Netherlands...
How is your weather???
Here we are having 24/26 degrees.

Kids are having fun outside..
Eating outside, playing outside..
This afternoon they had a waterbaloon fight with 2 friends.. what a fun they had.

Tuesday Noah went on his first ever schooltrip to the blue playground..
Can you imagine with only that name Noah had a blast??
And mommy was so so so so afraid.. his first away with 50 other kids... OMG....
But he had so much fun, that makes it all OK
Wanne know what he liked best???
On the way back, just before they got back they needed to bend over, so it looked like the bus was empty..
We as parents thought they forgot the kids.. whahahah ;))))
He like that so much..
For days he's telling everybody about the blue playground, asked me often when we will go.. hihi

Then..... I have a finish to show you guys!!
I brought it with me to Tunesia, but Kira made it wet, so couldn't stitch and white thread turned pink.
But back home, washed it.. and ......

Isn't she wonderfull...
I love her.. and kira loves her too so much!!!
Wanne make a pillowcase of it..

What will I do PINK fabric or RED fabric?????
Please help me choose. =))))))

Then more gifts are still arriving..
Who is here a spoiled bret  ( ME)
Some you can see on the pictures with Hello Kitty.. I'm using them
This one was waiting at the neighbors when I was on vacation..

They where so suprised I got mail from Australia.. -----> as did I..
Sweet Noni also send me wonderfull gifts

Look at what its all in there..
A wonderfull MS card she stitched, a sunflower pincushion hat with a pin she made herself, green thread, lovely scissor, and a glass nail file.. 

'm I spoiled???
Noni thank you so much.. I really loved that you also send me a gift.. your really too sweet!!

Then my sweet mailwomen came again..
And look at this

A sweet card and THE cutest Hello Kitty bell I've ever seen
Thank you so much Karina
She wrote something small just for you... isn't that sweet

It's not all I got.... as you can see on the hello Kitty picture..
I got a wonderfull crochet pincushion too.. more of that on my next post

Wanne see a pic how I was sitting this afternoon???
See the sun... ??
I just put it all outside.. and then started crafting.. it's finished, but I can't show you yet.
I can in my next post.. you have too wait till then.

I'm going to stitch a bit on my next gifts for Noah's teacher who is going away next week
Have a great evening or morning where-ever you live.. =)))))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

8 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Wow such fun..enjoy the sweet summer days.
Lovely gifts xx

Jane zei

You have received some lovely gifts Annette and your Hello Kitty is very cute ~ I think pink would suit best especially for little Kira.
Your story of the children bending over in the bus really made me laugh ~ I know I would have worried straight away ~ you get used to them going away on trips, wait until they go away to University!
Enjoy the sunshine and your crafting xxx

Valma zei

beautiful Hello Kitty sweetie =)
it's great it's not pink anymore
maybe you can try and find a raspberry coloured fabric =)
it's not pink, it's not's both =D
anyway pink or red it will be lovely, well done.
and the news gifts are so sweet
it sounds like Noah had a great day, so happy for him
it's a kind of summer here too, but they said on TV storms are arriving =(
big hugs

Annie zei

That playground looks like such fun. You find the best entertainment for these kids!

Cute kitty -- I always choose pink!

Lucky you to get that shower of great gifts!

Marion zei

Noah heeft een fantastische dag gehad maar ik kan me jouw angst best voorstellen. Ik weet het nog wel van mezelf brrrr.

Kitty is zo leuk en Kira natuurlijk hartstikke blij.

Fijn weekend en de lieve groetjes van Marion

Angel zei

Leuke fotos:-)
Snap je helemaal wat dat schoolreisje betreft.daarom ben ik tot op heden nog altijd meegeweest...haha....ook een oplossing:-)
Tja loslaten daar ben ik nog niet zo goed in.
Fijn dat hij een leuke dag heeft gehad!
En wat stof betreft zou ik ook lekker gaan voor meisjesroze!

Hetti zei

Wat hebben een fijne vakantie gehad en wat een leuke foto's allemaal!
Die twee kleintjes met de koffers op Schiphol vind ik fantastisch, echte wereld reizigers!
Je bent ook weer ijverig geweest Annette wat een leuk jurkje voor Kira, staat haar erg leuk.
Noah heeft het prima naar z'n zin gehad....maar mamma......;-((
Veel liefs Hetti

♥ Nia zei

Summer must be all over there! Here it's cold :p We had rain for days but it's supposed to get better tomorrow.. we will wait to see!
Here it's not only raining but it's also really really cold, feels more like winter =/ What a crazy Spring season this year.. Tomorrow they say we will have 30 degress again! It's like a roller coaster :p

ohhh my little pincushion on your photo =) and Valérie's gift!! Oh my, that's sooooo sweet =)
Your kitty looks adorable! Well done sweetie :D hummm... I think I would sew with a red or a dark pink like your buttons (inside color) Kitty looks too sweet! =)

PS: sorry for being behind on my blog reading =/ I got addicted to my needles during the weekend :p hehehe just reading blogs today!