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zondag 16 juni 2013

♥ Happy Father's Day ♥

For all the father's in the world     ->    Happy Father's Day

This morning two little kids where in the kitchen baking for DH
 And proud they where.........

Look at this.. and then waking up to daddy, who totally forgot it was father's day, so it was a really big surprise..

He loved it, and his wonderfull handmade presents by the kids

And what do you think that they are doing now???
From yesterday I have 3 kids, not 2..

Noah wants a racetrack for his next birthday, but i know Dh still has one from when he was little, so yesterday, he took it from the attic, and put in on the table..
So since yesterday, my ears are hearing many many many HARD sounds from the diner-table, but they are having fun.. it was very rusty.. so he is cleaning/trying/cleaning/trying......


This week was the last week for Noah's substitute teacher, he is loving her, and feeling so sad that she is leaving..
Years ago I found a pattern on a blog, and was saving it.. few weeks back I found it again, and made it

 Noah wrote his name on it, still being a bit ill
"my teacher is the sweetest"
Noah told me she liked it very much..
he was crying so much........=((((

But a happy face came when he got home and saw that the blue airplane was a bit further...
And getting very very big ♥ :))))

isn't it pretty in blue???
I'm loving this project..

This week I got the night-shift, I will take it with me, so when it's quiet I can crochet a bit...


This Friday I babysit our neighbor girl, Noah's girlfriend, 
can you imagine they had the best time of there life!!!
First we baked pancakes
After that playing playing and playing
She the fun they where having??  ♥ ♥
Saterday morning they always have swimming lessons together
They love it so much.. next year they are going twice a week.. they are loving that!!!
 ♥ Best Friends ♥

I think this post is long enough... so have fun reading, and till next time ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

Marion zei

Heerlijk om jouw blog weer te lezen. Leuk patroon voor de Juf. Ze zal er zeker blij mee zijn. Armje Noah zo verdrietig dat ze weggaat. Maar aan het snoetje te zien op de foto met zijn vriendinnetje vindt hij haar heeeel erg lief.

Lieve groetjes van Marion en een fijne Vaderdag

cucki zei

Aww such a sweet post ..
Happy Father's Day x

Carol zei

Awww... that is so sweet that the kids cooked their dad such a special breakfast! I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful family day today on Father's Day, Annette.

That was such a sweet thing to make for Noah's teacher--so sad that he will miss her so much. Little boys often get very attached to their teachers at this age :)

Nice progress on Noah's blue airplane--it looks great. Hope you have a great week!!

Hetti zei

Leuk zo'n "onverwachte" Vaderdag en heerlijk om zo lekker bezig te zijn.
Het patroon voor de juf is erg leuk, kun je weer gebruiken voor de volgende juf ;-))
Ook leuk het gehaakte vliegtuig, het is een lekkere knuffel als ie zo dik is, hahhaaa.
Fijne week en sterkte met je nachtdienst,
XXX Hetti

Valma zei

such a sweet post =)
it was father's day here too yesterday but I didn't made such a yummy breakfast for Dad =D
your plane is growing in a very beautiful way
after'll have plane sound =)
the frame you did for Noah's teacher is also very cute, he will remember her for years....
have a great week sweetie
big hugs

Anoniem zei

Wat een leuke verhaal weer Annette !
Groetjes, Karina

♥ Nia zei

hahahah Father forgot it was Father's Day :D LOL what a nice surprise it was for him :D heheheh
Here it's in March 19th, not in June.

Wow!! that's amazing :D Your DH had that race track since he was little? Well done :D Great to save toys so your kids can play later, I really admire that! Yes, I can imagine that Dad also loves to play ;) heheheh Sounds like your hubby and Rui have that in common, I think it's awesome :D Grow up but always keep the child inside you :)

Poor little Noah.. a heartbreak! Lovely gift ♥
Kira looks tottaly like you, doesn't she? When I see her photos, I always remember you (yes, because now I've seen some photos of you too) She looks so much like you :)

Hugs my friend!!!

marietje zei

Weer leuk om te lezen wat jullie allemaal bezig houdt/hield.

Gelukkig dat Noah weer blij was, maar dat kan natuurlijk ook niet anders als je zo een mooi/lief vliegtuig ziet!

Mag ik vragen waar je het patroon gevonden hebt? Aangezien wij hier ook allemaal lieve juffen hebben zou ik deze ook graag willen maken.

Op naar de zomervakantie!

Groetjes marietje

Dani - tkdchick zei

What a special gift for your son's supply teacher I bet she really appreciated it!