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vrijdag 26 april 2013

More HuisVolKleur designs

As much as I love WHITE.. I also love colors...
Especially for the kids..

HuisVolKleur made a new hairpin a few weeks back
I needed to make it for Kira.
Look at how beautifull it looks in her hair
She is eating a little Easter egg here... the little thing

With a order above a amount your get a free pattern..
The tullip I made earlier, this tiem I got a other color

When Kira saw it almost finish, she said she wanted it in her hair, so I made a hairpin out of it.

Isn't it looking sweet on her??
I love it..

In the beginning Kira wanted all the pins in her hair, sometimes she walked with 3 pins in her hair

 So beautifull in her long blond hairs..

For yesterday I made 2 more, one of HuisVolKleur, and I another one I made up.. but more of that in a next post.
I made so much that i still need to show you..

The next piece I made is a cute cute cute Netherlands peasant girl
When I saw this pattern, It felt so much like me.. so needed to have it
It was so much fun to make!!
Thank you Kristel, for these beautifull patterns

I received a few BEAUTIFULL presents, made beautifull things.. I can fill so many more post...
So stay and watch here if you like

Today a cold cold and rainy day.
But yesterday...
yesterday we had a summer day.

Don't belive me???
Look at this picture

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

7 opmerkingen:

huisvolkleur zei

Wat een leuk en lief blogberichtje, dankjewel!

cucki zei

Aww such sweet pictures .. The pins are so sweet❤❤❤
Big hugs x

♥ Nia zei

Those hair pins look so cute! Love the smiley face :D heheheh
Kira is so pretty :) she can have one or all in her hair, she will always look cute =) Carol used to do the same with necklaces, she would put all at the same time and look like a christmas tree! Hahahaha :D the joy of being a little girl =)
Sun bliss! Noah and Kira are having loads of fun, right? :D enjoy the weekend sweetie! Hugs&smiles

Valma zei

awwww my sweet little niece =D
She was already over cute but with those pins....she is even more =D
Very well done on such tiny things sweetie
I love your peasant girl
so 'Dutchy'=D
have a great weekend, I hope you have a better weather than here ! Autumn is back !!
big hugs

Marion zei

Hallo Crea Bea, je bent weer lekker bezig geweest en het staat haar zo leuk. Het is een lief blond prinsesje.
Stoere Noah heerlijk in bad. Vandaag is het geen "badweer".

Fijne weekend.

Hetti zei

Kira is echt een volleerd fotomodel en ik kan me voorstellen dat ze al de spelden in haar haar wilt hebben.
Ze zijn zoooo leuk!!

Veel crea plezier en groetjes Hetti

Carol zei

Such cute hair pins on your darling little model :) Kira looks like a little angel as she poses so carefully for her mommy!!

And your little felt peasant girl is adorable, too, Annette...

Hope your warm weather continues (I think Noah needs a bigger swimming pool :)