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maandag 11 maart 2013

My stitching WIP's

So now and then i'm stitching a bit.
You already saw my March LK piece finished.
I took a better picture of it!!
If you look good you see a change.
Here we don't celebrate St Pratricks day, so didn't wanne stitch the pot of gold.
Looked on other LK March pieces and I loved the two birds.
Totally different color, but I love it.

My other pieces are progressing well.
I'm in love with all my pieces
Now you can all see what I'm stitching..
Some off you guessed good.
A Hello Kitty pillow for Kira.
A Super Mario pillow for Noah.
For me I'm making Somebunny Pot Luck in to a pillow, I'm in love with this design, 
for many years, now i'm finally going to stitch it.
Then the other LK March piece, but still douping what too stitch on it.
And the little star is my HMSAL..
Tonight I'm having a stitch night, but DH and I also are going to watch a movie.. so will I stitch much????


Pleaseeeeeeeee....... people in the South, hear me.
Last week we where having +15 degrees, I went out without a coat, kids where playing outside, mommy was working in teh garden..
♥ Spring fun ♥
Now we are -2... snow snow snow snow..
  :OThat's a drop of 17 degrees :O
You all will know I LOVE SNOW, love playing in it, love walking in it, love seeing it.
This is since I was a little child.. ( sometimes still are... lol)
But now with Easter coming, I;m getting sick of this snow..
So please people from the south, with sun, with warm weather, with flipflops, Help us people in Europe.
We wanne enjoy the sun also 


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Very cute stitching. The pot of gold is all the fun! I think you should stitch it anyway, even if you don't celebrate. They say everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's day!

Spring can't be far away now. Just hang on!

Anoniem zei

Mooi borduurwerkjes Annette ... die bloempotjes zijn geweldig mooi !

Amarins zei

Ik wil ooooooooooooooooook die zon haha. Je werkje is super de super leuk. Groetjes, amarins

cucki zei

awww super cute stitching...
love for you happy sunshine x

Mylene zei

Lovely March finish, Annette.
You sure have lots on the go as well..
Can't wait to see your progress with them.

Haven't had time to stitch last weekend, been out till early hours, lots of socializing so had been catching up with sleep today..way too much drank! But FUN!!

Hope to get some stitrching this week especially with the weather we are having... wish for higher temps though...

miek zei

wat een leuke kadootjes heb je gehad, die mutsen komen nu goed uit.
wij hebben geen sneeuw gehad maar de wind maakt het ook hier ijskoud.
je maand opdrachten gaan best goed en het zijn leuke werkstukjes
die pot met bunnies zijn heel erg leuk

olifantje68 zei

Je hebt weer hele mooie werkjes gemaakt
groetjes Annie

Carol zei

I sure hope you get your sun, Annette--we could use some here, too... We did have a lovely weekend, though, so I can't complain too much!

Your March finish is very cute with the birds and I know the kids will just love their Kitty and Mario--you are such a nice mom to stitch for them :)

Marion zei

Je gaat weer lekker met je WIP's. Alles ziet er weer mooi en verzorgd uit.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Valma zei

Lovely lovely lovely march piece =)
I love the way you changed it with the blue birds
you've been stitching a lot
so great
big hugs sweetie, and I can't send you sun...snow if you want I have an overload =D

♥ Nia zei

Lovely LK :) and sooo many other pretty wips :))))
I've stitched that same Somebunny, made a pillow for Carol :) it's soooo cute!