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donderdag 28 februari 2013

Last day of the month -> Goals time

This short month looks shorter then it has ever been ;)
But it was a fun months.
Many great things I've done, many beautifull crafts I have made :p

So let's talk abou thing I've made
My Goals for February:

* Have two February piecs for my heart shape -> Done
* Make February Piece from Mieke Stender -> Done
* Start on HMSAL - > Done
* Start a stitch piece for Noah -> Done
* Start a stitch piece fro Kira - > Done
* Start a stitch piece for myself. -> Done

Here is my heart shelf for this month.. very PINK ;))))
This week I got on the mail, the cute little pink baby blossom, that hanging on the bottom of the heart, it's looking so sweet... perfect 

I'm so in love with my February Heart Shelf.. I don't think I will get another month that will look that cute as this one..
(and the pic I just made in the dark.. good pic isn't it??)

Then the the goal I just finished.
Make a start on my HMSAL
On this pic you can't see teh fabric right.
I bought this fabric last month at 123stitch.. 
My very first time EVER I ordered something like this outside the Netherlands
And I got it..
The fabric is so beautifull
~~~~♥ 28 Ct Jobelan Summer Sky ♥ ~~~~
I never stitched something that wonderfull and beautifull.

I now have 6 Stitching WIP's... ooops..
But I will have so much fun them..
Soon more progress

Then my Goals for March:

* Stitch and finish the LK March piece ( try two)
* Make the March Mieke Stender piece.
* Make progress on all my 6 WIP's
* Make a felted Easter set.

Today I got a lovely package in the mail, but with bad lighting made my pic's so bad.. better I had made them in this light.. lol..
But kids are sleeping so sweet!!!

We are having Spring vaaction!!
So great times here ♥ ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

Wat ben jij stiekem aan het maken?

olifantje68 zei

Wat is je hart prachtig geworden, heel creatief
Jobelin en evenwaeve borduren erg fijn
Suuces met je volgende projekt
groetjes Annie

Nima zei

Lovely heart shelf Annette

Valma zei

ho, I can recognise this star =D
Good start sweetie, mine is finished hehehe, but I'll wait a bit before posting
your fabric is beautiful and it's great if you're enjoying it
Your February shelf is over cute indeed, but sure the Easter month can be cute as well
what a good idea this shelf ! really
happy crafting sweetie
big hugs

Anoniem zei

Ziet er allemaal gezellig uit Annette !
Heb trouwens even je lijstje bekeken voor 2013 maar jij heb ook er een hoop opstaan hoor !
Groetjes, Karina

cucki zei

Sweet heart shelf..
Hugs x

Annie zei

Love that shelf. What a cute way to display a variety of goodies. Looking forward to seeing this month by month.

Carol zei

Hi Annette! I'm amazed at all you got finished in such a short month.

How nice that you are enjoying your new fabric--it loos beautiful! And I'm happy you had a good experience ordering from 123 Stitch--they are really wonderful!

Your heart shelf looks adorable...looking forward to seeing what you fill it with for March! Enjoy your Spring vacation--we are getting more snow here today so spring seems a long way off.

Carla zei

Your heart shelf looks so pretty!
Good luck with your goals for did a great job on February!

Mylene zei

Congrats on finishing all your goals last month. Looking forward to see your collections for the heart...
Can't wait to see more of your new start.
Happy weekend!

Vinniey zei

I love your heart shelf too. Those stitched pieces and decorations on shelf are so cute!! :)

Tania zei

Ik ontdekte net je blog via Pauline.
Wat een leuke spulletjes maak je. Je vilten popjes vind ik super schattig.

Unknown zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
♥ Nia zei

You've done sooooo much!!! :D And all so pretty!! Congrats sweetie!! Such a great job that you did in this small month :D Great work indeed!!!!

Ohhh I need to start my SAL too!
Next thing after my Grojuss girl ;)
Wait! I bought jobelan for this too! hahaha :D but mine is darker blue I think...your is summer sky and mine is (let me check...) Mine is light blue jobelan! But it's darker, yours is prettier :)
I will show mine this week! Tonight I really want to finish my girl ;) hehehe