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donderdag 21 februari 2013

More Valentine felted doll, and stitch update

For Valentine day I loved to suprise everyone,, but I don't have 50 hands, 
( to bad, what could I all make then).
So showed you my beautifull doll.

But I gave two cute dolls as a suprise away.
They went on a safe trip, and thankfully arrived on time.
On both enveloppe I wrote .. "do not open till the 14th".. lol.. they weren't happy with that.
But after opening it up at the 14th it was forgiven me

The first arrived in France with Valérie.
She loves butterflies and purple, went looking for the right pattern, and found this cute Butterfly fairy
Isn't it a cutie pie!!!
On Valérie's post you can see more beautifull pic's  ( I had bad light that day)
The light color is as we call it here fairytall-felt, al kinds of puple/wit colors.. love it.. also very great to work with

♥ * ♥

Then the second package arrived the 13th in portugal for Nia.
We laughed about making a little Nia, I loved that idea so much.
Give it a try.
Did I succeeded???
(hihihi Valérie, can you see little Nia is longer then my doll... TOO funny, made that mistake LMEO)

Again bad light so look at Nia's post for seeing more beautifull photo's
You also can take a look if I my doll looks like her avatar...

It was so much fun making them, and so great too get those sweet emails of thanks..
♥ Your welcome sweeties ♥

♥ ~~~~~♥

Then my stitching goals.
Almost done, need to start up on more piece :))

But first a picture of the 5 pieces I started so far
Can you guess????
If you look good, you need to be guess them almost all I think
Have a great weekend, back on Sunday with another Felted doll, last I made this months

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

You have gotten so good at this! Just the way I pictured Nia!

Pauline zei

Wat een prachtige popjes!!
Heel mooi gemaakt.
Haha, en dan een kleine Nia...geweldig gedaan!

Saskia zei

Uhhhh heb jij tegenwoordig een washulp, schoonmaakster, oppas en kokkin in huis? Mijn hemel ik zie het ene na het ander popje voorbij komen

Valma zei

thank you so much again =)
they are so sweet and I looooooooooooooooooove mine
too cute, so lovely and well done
Nia's one is so beautiful too, so Nia
you're terrific with felt in your hands =)
can't wait to see your stitchings hello kitty ? Mario ?? =D
enjoy sweetie
big hugs

cucki zei

wowwwwwwwwww such a sweet post with lots of happy sweeties..
i love the doll so much..
hugs x

♥ Nia zei

Oh my! All so adorable =)
Valéries doll is gorgeous! Really pretty with those butterflies flying around and the wings!!! how cute =) But... I have to say I love mine even more!!! heheheh it's mine =) It's me =))))
It's not like my avatar... It's exactly like me :D heheheheh Ok, more cute than I am ;) LOL
Her hair, her colors, the dress cut, the polka-dots, ohhhh her little boots! I love her boots so much :D hahahahah
Your dolls are all very cute but appreciating each detail... it's a blessing! the lovely work you made, I can see it in every little stitch :)
To me it's a very special gift that I will treasure for my whole life =) thank you sweetie!!
Thank you for my doll, for your kindness, for your daily friendshio!!! :D
Hugs!!! love you xoxo

♥ Nia zei

ohhh my.. so many mistakes above! shame on me hahahah
starting with 'Valérie's doll' and finishing with 'frienship', I wrote fast and made a lot of mistakes :p eheheheh sorry sweetie ;)

Carol zei

Even with the bad light, I can tell how adorable Nia's and Valerie's dolls are, Annette! Your attention to detail is wonderful and that is what makes them so special...Great job on both!!

And I think I see a little Mario cap appearing on your stitching?

Have a great weekend!!

Mylene zei

All dolls are adorable! Great job on creating such beauties!!

I do recognize one of your w.i. p's as i am nearly done stitching it, should have finish tonight but i don't have enough of one of the DMC.

Happy weekend!!

Doni zei

Your dolls are just lovely Annette! You sure are a multi-talented lady! :)

Marion zei

Hallo Crea Bea.

Wat heb je weer mooie poppen gemaakt. Alles ziet er weer verzorgd uit.

Lieve groetjes van Marion