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woensdag 12 december 2012

My Christmas tree and gifts

(lot's of pic's)

As I showed in my last post a lot of Xmas ornies are done.
These are all the things I have made the last weeks
What do you think off my ornie's??
I made a close-up of the angels

Aren't they sweet??
Last Saterday we bought a tree.... A FAKE one... The first time in my life I bought a fake one ( i hope the last.. not good for your money)
And with light already in it..
I heard from Nia that in Portugal they never heard of that before.. are there more country's that don't know fake trees with lights already in them??
Kids in PJ's decorating

Only the front and a bit of the sides is hanging full.. the back nothing and underside not much.. lol... 
Don't have enough.. but that's for next year.

What do you think of our tree...
With a train under it.. I always loved that back home when I was a child.. the LEGO train from my brothers. 

Now the DUPLO train from Noah... need to make presents for that...

I'm in love met my tree....

Then the postwoman was so sweet to bring me gifts.. look at this..

... beautifull ornie that Marion made me.
Thank you so much Marion.
Look at how tiny see can stitch.. and the most beautifull she makes..
And she just got another grandchild I see on her blog... you really need to see the beautifull boy

Then from France...

....I got another beautifull gift from Valerie.
Because I love white, she didn't know what to make, so she bought me these beautifull candle holders.. Love them so much.. I burn the candles every night..

Thank you sweetie

If you look good at the totall tree pic.. you can see where my next post will be about.. hihihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Je boom is prachtig annette ! We hebben hier ook een valse, ik hou er niet van om bomen 'dood' te doen, om dan in je living te zetten ;-)
De onze gaat toch al voor het 3de jaar mooi mee, het is een investering maar je gaat er content van zijn !

Je decoraties zijn er supermooi uit :) heb je weer knap gedaan!

cucki zei

I love your tree and gifts are so beautiful too :)
Love xx

Valma zei

Very happy you love my candle holders
finally , perfect with your tree =)
we have those kind of trees here, but maybe because we are close to Belgium and Netherlands
decorating this way yours is really very beautiful
cute little piece from Marion too, so tiny !
next post your heart shelf ?? =)
whatever it is I'm very impatient
big hugs

Johanna Bittencourt zei

Ficou lindo!!
Feliz Natal para você e toda sua linda família.
Super beijos,

Carol zei

Oh, just look at all of those white ornaments--each and every one is lovely, Annette! We have an artificial tree here because my son is allergic to pine trees! They are very common in the U.S.

Beautiful gifts from Valerie and Marion--enjoy :)

Marion zei

Wat een mooie kleine dingetjes heb je voor de boom gemaakt Annette. Het ziet er heel mooi uit.
Ik heb het kleine ornamentje heel graag voor je geborduurd.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

All of your ornaments are beautiful Annette! And the kids look so cute decorating the tree. :) I love your new header picture of them walking in the snow. We haven't had any snow here yet this year, but it will be coming soon.

♥ Nia zei

I'm waiting for the day we'll have those tree with leds over here too!!! :p I wish!!! :D
Your white ornaments looks even more cute on the tree!Really adorable!!! :D
And the train hehehehe so cute =) I've seen a few trains here, to put really in the middle of the tree heheheh looks fun :D In future, having kids at home, I will probably have one of those trains on my tree too :p eheheheh
Warm hugs to you!! :)

Nima zei

wow..your white christmas tree looks gorgeous. i really loved your white ornaments and especially the angels...they are cute

emily zei


I found you through Nia.

Your tree looks lovely and thr ornaments you made are very sweet.
Great idea to have the train under the tree.
I love the photos of the kids decorating the tree.
Your stitching and crochet is lovely.

olifantje68 zei

Wat een gezellige boel bij jou, mooi hoor
groetjes Annie