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zondag 30 december 2012

~*~ Gifts ~*~

Who doesn't love getting gifts???

I love giving them too, to be honest, that was the plan.

I bought Christmas cards, made a list what to make.
But then something happend and my mood to craft and send was lost.
I still have the planning, only it will not be anything for Christmas anymore, but something I like sending.
So if you tought to get something from me and didn't.. please wait a bit longer.
My craft mood is back, it's only to late for Christmas, so a other theme will be maked

The last few weeks I got some more beautifull gifts.
I'm feeling so lucky!!  ( and it's good for a bad mood)

Today I wanted to show you the last things I got:

Dear Saskia, trapped in her home by physical conditions, found the mood to made me these wonderfull felted gifts..
The angel so sweet... ( Noah told his grandma it was the most beautifull thing that was hanging in the tree, he tought I made it...hihi) 

Thank you so much sweet Saskia... 

Dear Hetti, send me these lovely wooden ice crystals in the cute christmas card.
She has a new SAL for 2013, go to her blog fast and take a look, 
or maybe you still wanne made the SAL from 2012
Hetti Thank you so much!!

Dear Nia was apologizing that she didn't had the time to made me something..
But look at what she send me... Isn't it cute!!! I'm loving it so much, there is a zipper in it.
The card is selfmade with buttons
Thank you so much sweet Nia

Then the day after Christmas a package arrived from the USA. 
Dear Carol send me this wonderfull chart with ribbons in a card.
Thank you so much Carol. I love the design, next year I'm planning to make it

Then not a blogger but readers gave me these beautifull crochet angels.
Thank you so much FIL and MIL (they always need to laugh about the words fil and mil...hihi)
They didn't tought I would get my tree full with selfmade creations, and saw these.
I really really love them, thank you so much   
(oops also 2 star crystals where giving forgot too make a pic of them)

Thank you all so much.. I feel so spoiled ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day

8 opmerkingen:

Hetti zei

Hallo Annette,

wat een leuke kaarten en kadootjes heb je gehad. Gelukkig is het niet verplicht iets terug te doen, anders zouden we gek worden!
Dit jaar heb ik ook geen tijd gehad voor iets "eigen gemaakts", moet je allen doen als je er zin in hebt:-))))
Gezellige jaarwisseling!

Pauline zei

Leuke cadeautjes!

Carol zei

You must have been a very good girl this year, Annette, to receive so many nice gifts :) So glad you liked mine!

Unknown zei

Mooie cadeautjes die je kreeg, en allemaal even verdiend. Je bent een pracht van een madame !

Ik ben blij dat je terug in je craft mood bent, pas dan ben je terug helemaal in je element ;-)

Fijne feestdagen nog en de beste wensen voor jou en je gezinnetje annette ! En tot volgend jaar !

Saskia zei

Zo jij bent verwent en dank u......noah......

Marion zei

Annette wat een mooie kado'tjes heb je gekregen, geniet er van!!!!.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Valma zei

ho my ! wonderful gifts you received
Nia's purse is amazing !! she always find such great ideas to please us
the angels are also very beautiful, everything is beautiful =D

♥ Nia zei

Lovely gifts you have there! That little white angel is so cute :) I'm glad to see my little gift in there too =) heheheh It wasn't something handmade but it is personalized to you.. I was sure it would conquer your heart ;) heheheh Oh! and in the end, I just hope you didn't mind that I used one photo from your blog! :D hahaha I didn't ask first because it was something just for you =) Did you show it to your kids? :D heehehhe