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woensdag 4 juli 2012

Our weekend to Belgium

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
What a great feeling to be missed =))))

Oke.. Our lovely weekend to Belgium.  ( a no crafting post ... sorry)
As you can see I'm still here my MIL didn't kill me, because I told you her age.. 
she needed to laugh so much.. hihi.

On friday we drove all the way too the Belgium Coast.
It was very windy and at the beach al the sand was flying everywhere.. Little Kira couldn't walk there every time she fell down, and when she finally was standing again, she fell again, so strong was the wind.

Here a little collage of our first day
After diner we walked on the beach, played a bit, and went back to the hotel.. 
Behind the hotel was a big playground, so we went up there, and the kids played so much, had the time of there life!
They loved it so much, they couldn't wait for the next day..

The next day we went to Plopsaland. My SIL&BIL with kids also came, so the kids had so much more fun
Here some pic's =))))
There where so many attractions there, the kids had a blast!
Mommy and daddy went with them in everything they wanted, the day was busy and so fun.
For diner we went to the same restaurant as the day before, and after to the beach.
The kids had totally no problem of getting in to sleep ;)))))

I have something bad to tell you:
I live near the beach, and I go there almost never, and when we are on vacation, we wanted to go there.. ;P
Bad bad bad me.. need to do it more often..

The last day we went to the beach again... lol
Here you can see it
They really really had so much fun... 
I need to go more often to the beach.
And as you can see the kids slept so sweet when we drove home... lol..=)))

So that was our weekend, we had a wonderfull time, I have so much pic's made more then 200 in that 3 days.. lol.

I promiss next post a crafting post.. the pink owl is growing... and when I have the time.. some more crafts maybe.. hihi.

Before I forget my July goals:

1. Start of Super Mario to Crochet
2. Stitch on Kira's pink owl
3. Make summer craft for the living.
4. Christmas craft......

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Valma zei

Hey , is this De Panne ??
I used to go to that park when it still was 'six flags' =)
it's not so far from here
I love the Belgian coast
Have you ever been to Blankenberg ??
you shared lovely pictures of your little smurf and Kira with her wonderful dress
lovely family
big hugs

Patty C. zei

Im glad you enjoyed some fun with family - the kids are growing so fast!

Unknown zei

Weer zo'n leuke foto's, wat hebben jullie plezier gehad daar !
Ik ben zelf ook gek van strand en zee (niet zo van de zon...) dus ik ben een tikkeltje jaloers nu ;-)

Pauline zei

Dat klinkt als een hele fijne tijd!
en de foto's zijn het bewijs.

Annie zei

Looks like such a wonderful vacation. And yes, you should take advantage of a close-by beach. But we're all the same way...I hardly ever go to all the attractions in DC either!

Saskia zei

zo dicht bij het strand wonen en dan nooit gaan......foei!

Marion zei

Oooo Annette wat hebben jullie een plezier gehad. Het straalt van de snoetjes van de kinderen af.
Dus.....vaker naar het strand hé?

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Carla zei

Looks like you had a great time on your trip to Belgium!!
Your little ones look exhausted on your way home :)

♥ Nia zei

I see your picture with Noah! You're so pretty! You should post your pictures more often :D
We can see your babies had a great time!! I'm happy for them :D It's so good to be a kid, I miss it ;) hehehe

Really? You're near the beach and you don't enjoy it as often as you could? Oh my! I wish I was near the beach, it's what I miss the most here in Guimarães! When I was in Lisbon, I spent all my free time on the beach heheheh I love it :D You know I'm a summer girl :D I love the sun and the heat, better yet with sand and ocean!!! ahhahaah :D

Good luck on your goals for July!! :)
I haven't made my list yet :p oh if time could stop so I would catch up with everything!!! hahahaah
Hugs to you sweetie :)

Carol zei

Isn't it amazing how much fun us adults can have just watching our kids have fun, Annette? I'm so glad you had a nice holiday away from home--I love the smiles on the kids faces and the sweet photos of two adorable kids sleeping at the end of a fun trip!!

Vinniey zei

Looks like you have a very fun time with your family in Belgium! Love the beach photos. It puts me a smile when I see those holiday pictures. The kids are having so much fun. Love the photo of your kids sleeping on the car seats. Too cute! :)

Doni zei

Annette, It looks like you all had so much fun on your vacation! :) And you are so lucky to live near the beach! I am so envious! haha!

Anoniem zei

Lovely photos - looks like the children enjoyed themselves very much.

Katrien zei

leuke foto's, de kinderen hadden duidelijk plezier. Ja, het weer valt niet mee hé :(