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maandag 19 maart 2012

Blogoversary and finishes ;)

I wanne thank you all for the better wishes for Kira.
Not only Kira got ill, but a few day's later I got it also while I was working, so got home early, the next morning Dh and Noah got it to.
In 1 day I lost a lot of weight, and it was hard to get it back on..
Dh and I got better fast, Noah is better from today and Kira still has a bad diarhea.
Poor girl.. I hope it will be gone soon.. Further she feels fine thankfully.. playing, walking and laughing...hihi ;)

Then by all the sickness I totally forgot my blogoversary..
It was the 17th ( hihi I tought the 14th)..
And I blogging for 4 years now ( hihi I also tought it was 3 years)
What a party!!!

There will be a give-away.. but not right now... ;(
BUT SOON... ( I hope)

4 years already..
In that time I meet the most incredible people all over the world.
Woman in different ages, different crafts...
To many idea's, to many beautifull pieces..
I have been able to show you many off my crafts and my lovely kids/life.
Thank you all so much..
I love reading all those comment.. that there are so many people that like what I write.. I never could dream about that.
Really Thank you so much.. Your comments are so dear to me..

Then I have some finishes to show you.
Let's start with the Spring biscornu from Barbara Ana
It was such a fun project.. I love to make one for every months to put in my basket.. but that's a lot of work.. but will see.. let's first try every season..

Then also Peep is finshed.. I finished it off in a pinkeep.. had so matching fabric so used white felt
It such a lovely piece!!
I can recommend it to every-one.. so a great piece!!

Then I told you in the beautifull weather i started another Felted garland and this time girls name what also was a bird name...
The Dutch people can already guess with name it is
In English it's called a blackbird.. I can't think of a girl that's called blackbird, but who!!
The final result is this
I like it so much.. I hope the girl would love it to...

I've won some awards, but by my sick being I haven't been much in blogland.. I hope to gets up this week.. And you will see more in my next blogpost..
Can't wait to see all your beautifull crafts...

Have fun Easter crafting ;) :0 :) :0

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

20 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

No fair to be sick on your blogoversary! But glad to see that stitchy goodness.

Hope little Kira perks up soon!

Pauline zei

jouw naamslingers zijn echt geweldig!
Zo mooi gemaakt!
Gelukkig ben je weer beter, het schijnt erg te heersen op het moment.

Anoniem zei


Happy blogaversary!

I love your finishes they are lovely. Your bird garland is great.

I hope Kira is better soon.
Happy stitching.

Carla zei

Glad to read you're all feeling better :)
Love your finishes...Lizzie Kate and Barbara Ana's designs are yo lovely!

Valma zei

Happy blogaversary sweetie =D
Mine was on February, 1 year already, and just like you I'm so happy to have met so many sweet people all around the world and of which you're part of =D
I love your biscornu !!!! absolutely wonderful and your Peep is just gorgeous =D
take care, big hugs from France

Marion zei

Iedereen weer op de been en nu maar hopen dat het allemaal over is.

Wat een schattige dingen heb je weer gemaakt de biscornu is mijn favoriet.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

♥ Nia zei

Uhuuuuuu! Party time! Happy blogversary sweetie :D
hahahah you were surprised twice, with the day and the years! LOL :D
I hope this week will go better and Kira will feel 100% well soon! huge kiss to the baby girl =)
Your biscornu looks beautiful!!! :D And also your LK! It's really pretty :) I'm not stitching that one because I have it already, I got it on a Spring exchange last year :)
hhehehe can't see a girl called blackbird :p LOL but it sounds nice in your language :)
Even sick, you have a lot to blog! So many works!! :D Great job sweetie :)

Mylene zei

Love your finishes, great job! as well as the felted garland.

Happy blogoversary!

Daybake zei

Hello, I am new to you blog, found you through Milly's blog, Milly's stitches. Your little ones are precious! Hope you are all feeling much better soon!

Saskia zei

Gelukkig allemaal weer op de been, en nu genieten van het mooie weer deze week.
De paaswerkjes zijn zoooo leuk, de mijne MOET af vandaag;-)

Katrien zei

happy blogoversary.
I hope everyone is all better now! Nice finishes

Carol zei

I'm so sorry to hear little Kira is still ill, Annette... Hopefully, she will be her little cheerful self very soon...

And HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!! 4 years is wonderful and I'm so happy to have "met" you through our blogs :) You are such a cheerful, happy person that I always feel good when I read your words...

Very cute stitching--perfect for spring... I hope you continue to get more orders for your garlands--they are adorable :)

Have a wonderful week...

Daffycat zei

Oh no ~ everyone got sick! You poor family =(

Use "BRAT" for diarrhea:


Those foods are easy on the bowel until the lining can repair itself.

Happy, happy blogoversary, Annette!

kronova zei

Ondanks de buikgriep in je gezin toch nog aardig creatief geweest.
Als je er goed over na denkt is Merle idd een aparte naam :) Maar ik vind hem wel mooi en je naamslinger ook!
groetjes Kronova

kronova zei


Anoniem zei

Hi Annette

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Did you mean the bit that asks you to type the two words?
I think I've taken it off. I'm not very good on blogging but I hope I've done what you suggester.

Happy stitching!

Patty C. zei

I hope you are all on the mend - Hugs to you and your family !!

Doni zei

Happy Blogoversary Annette!! 4 years! That's wonderful! And as always, all your projects look beautiful!

I'm glad you are all feeling better and I hope Kira feels better soon too. :)

Nima zei

Annette...congrats on your blog anniversary...Glad to know that everyone is getting better nice to see your lovely finishes...i loved that named garland...and all your beautiful finishes

Pumpkin zei

Happy Blogaversary!

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better now. At least it's gone through the whole family ;o)

Your finishes are fantastic! Love them. I started stitching Peep tonight :o)