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dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Post with out pic's -> GOALS

(the reason without pic's my camera accu just died.. and can't find the had some great stuff to show.. that for next post... I hope)

Everyone is starting 2012 slowly??..

I've seen on some blogs that they make goals and take part on SAL's....
I have tryed that many time... didn't work al those times..

1 year -12 months -52 little days..=)))


I wanne make goals again..but also are going to try to finish this goals.. starting them is the most important thing..
On many blogs I see so many Xmas ornaments.. I always started to late.. that’s going to change.

So my goals are:
1. Make each month a ornament for the 2012 Xmas tree (not only stitched ones)
2. Make a monthly decoration piece for my livingroom
3. Finish my Wip’s
1. Panda day’s
2. Snowmen and Santa
3. Blue Tit Christmas

I think this will be enough for a year.. because many other project will come and start!!
Each months I will write a post with what I wanne finish, and if I finished it..

For January:
1. Finish Blue tit Xmas ( hope with this to get my mojo back)
2. Make felted and crochet snowflakes..
3. And PINK PINK PINK PINK for Kira’s B-day
4. Make a felt ornament ( start
hihi here is a pic coming.. was just thinking what will I make---> and that thinking was followed with searching..hihi
Here is the pic coming

1. Felt Ogee 2. Mittins 3. Holiday Ornaments 4. Xmas ball

Which one do you like?

( I've made 2 crochet pieces already!!!)
(and last year mad some felt pieces, but wanne make more...)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

Olga Visser zei

Mooie plannen! Ik ga je volgen ;)!


♥ Nia zei

You can't find the recharger?! LOL that looks like my brother's house hahaha they never know where is the card, the battery, the thing to plug to the computer, there's always something missing hahahah that's why it takes so long to have new pics from Carol =/

Oh! I made that last one on the mosaic! Number 4, I made it for my front door in different colors.. I never got to post that! hahahah I have pics, as soon as I finish my xmas post I will show you what I made with those balls ;)

Good luck achieving your goals sweetie!! :D
right now.. i just want to finish bluebell =)
When is kira's B-day, january but day? What will you make for her party? Any stitching planned? :)

Annie zei

I never make crafty goals. Would take all the fun out of it for me. But I like reading about everyone else's good intentions!

I think those little mittens are just the cutest!

Gerda zei

Hoiii meis... dat is een hele lijst om af te werken... succes ermee!!!

Ik vind de Mittins en de Holiday Ornaments helemaal te gek.. leuk idee om iedere maand zo 'n ornamentje te maken.


Nima zei

welcome to 2012 Annette....nice to read your goals..that mittens look too cute

Saskia zei

Mijn hemel, heb jij 48 uur in 1 dag......Wat een plannen zeg!
Maarre....het is hier niet anders geloof ik hoor.

Carla zei

Good luck with your goals Annette!
The felt ornies you're planning to make are very pretty!

Pumpkin zei

I love making goals. It always give me something to strive for even if I don't meet them all. I think yours are within reason. Good luck :o)

I LOVE the little mittens!

Happy New Year!

Katrien zei

those mittens are really cute.
I still need to post about my goals, I'm running late with everything.

Carol zei

I don't make goals except for my monthly ornament... I just stitch whatever calls my name :)

Love those felt ornaments of yours, Annette--I'm sure you'll have some great photos for us very soon. Good luck finding that charger!

Doni zei

I admire you for setting goals. You always accomplish so much that I'm sure you will be able to do these with no problem. I always have a hard time keeping my goals, so I decided not to set any for this year. haha!
I liked all the ornaments, but my favorites are the mittens and the holiday ornaments. Very cute!! :)

Valma zei

The 2 aprons I made for Xmas were the 2 and only goals I had till now :D
But I have a new one and I'll try to have some others for 2012 :D
Good luck with yours
The mittens are also my favourite in your mosaic :D