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woensdag 18 januari 2012

Kira's B-day :)))))))

Today is the day.. my little girl turned 1 year old..:)
How fast is time flying... :O
It feels just like yesterday that I hold her for the first time

Loo at my baby-girl... 1 year.. I really can't believe it..

I just decorated our living with these pink garland

Kira already got some gifts:
This cute T-shirt she got from Katrien, Katrien stitched the little Hello Kitty a while back.
Thank you so much

Then from the lovely Miek, this cute bird on her self dyed fabric Thank you so much Miek, and as you can see on her blog.. she has another beautifull surprise...Your really to sweet!!

This is how our memoboard is looking like now..VERY PINK

More gifts are on that.. but it's getting late... in a few our the kids will woke up...
More to see this weekend..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

17 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Happy 1st Birthday! sweet Kira

Carla zei

Happy birthday to little Kira!!!

Nima zei

Happy Birthday to little Kira...May God bless her

Olga Visser zei

nu echt GEFELICITEERD met jarige Kira!
Nog een cadeautje is onderweg! volgen Track&Trace "18.01.2012:Chauffeur is onderweg" en ik kan verklappen - ook roze ;)

veel leifs,

Mylene zei

Happy happy Birthday to Kira!

♥ Nia zei

You have the reasons to be a very proud mama :D
Hahahaha she looks so grown up on that second pic :D up on her feet with her pink dress, the cutest =)
I want to send a gift for Kira but it's going a little later... I want to make something special and her bday was to soon!! :p hehehe I'm a little behind =)
Happy birthday sweet Kira!! Enjoy your day, have fun, play a lot and laugh even more :D Pixie wishes for you baby girl =)))

Pauline zei


Carol zei

Oh, Annette, I can't believe your baby girl is already one year old!! She is such a cutie--I'm sure you'll make her birthday celebration one to remember :) Give her a birthday hug from "Auntie Carol!!"

miek zei

gefeliciteerd Kira!
nu voor het eggie, veel plezier vandaag!

Unknown zei

Ooh! Een hele gelukkige verjaardag aan Kira !!

Ik zie dat jullie een geweldige dag gehad hebben met vele superleuke cadeautjes !

Wat worden ze toch zo snel groot he...

Marion zei

Kira, Mama Papa en Noah hartelijke gefeliciteerd en ik hoop dat jullie een fijne dag hebben.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Valma zei

Happy birthday Kira ♥
You look so adorable...and those blue eyes.....
Hugs from France

Hetti zei

Van harte met die kleine ondeugd! Kijk eens hoe parmantig ze aan de tafel staat!
Hopelijk hebben jullie een leuke verjaardag achter de rug!
Liefs, hetti

Katrien zei

Gelukkige verjaardag kleine (grote) Kira!
En wat zag ze er schattig uit.

Dyanna zei

Hello hello Annette

She is so grown up and beautifull !!! And as you said the time pass so quickly but I am sure that you do a lot of things with your little flowers !!! Cooking, crafting, walking, traveling, laughing... sharing time with them =)

Big kiss my dear and be very proud =)

Gerda zei

Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je jarige meisje.... je zal wel hartstikke fier zijn op die poppemie, geniet er maar van meis want ze worden zo gauw groot!!!


Pumpkin zei

How wonderful! Happy (belated) Birthday Kira! Looks like you got some lovely gifts :o)