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zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Crochet things!!

But First..
Just before we started the new year Saskia asked me if we meet in a holiday.. so in the last week I drove with the kids to her..
Her beautifull girl Dominique loves to decopatch and was making a lovely mirror..
As a suprise (because I had never heart of it before) they bought me some craft supplies so I could decopatch together with Dominique..
Look at what I made... For on Kira her room
It's so great to do... a special paper you rip in pieces.. and then glue them on something.. al across it, don't need to do it neat.. when your done, do another layer of that special glue and done you are... so great!!
I need to hang a bit more on it.. but still thinking of how to do.. but that will come some post!!

Then as a suprise I made a pie for them.. didn't had to time to craft.. but cookies is also a craft.. and this is what I made I started to late... the evening before.. I was tired, and Noah helped..we loved it... so it's a very simple one.. but ow so yummy!!!
Love making thos.. can't wait to make the one for Kira's B-day!!

Then my crochet pieces..
As my goal was snowflakes... here they come!!!

I crochet two snowflakes from a pattern of the lovely designer Doni, on her blog you can see so many lovely things she makes... she has a lot of beautifull patterns for sell and free.. That a look at her blog!!
More of thes snowflakes too come.. they look hard to make, but are so easy and with a picot stitch... so great!!!
The other snowflakes in the branch are from felt I made them last January.. need to make a few more

Then a PINK crochet.. I;m still working on Kira's blanket.. I'm going to try and finish it before Kira's B-day in 2 weeks.. But I don"t know If I will make that.. need 35 more squares.. and then it's done for now...You see on the upper pic I still need to work off the end thread.. but I don't like that...;))))

And have a lot more plans to make then... more blanket.. cushions.. a craft bag to put my crochet WIP in.....

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Pretty in Pink. And the snowflakes are so nice and delicate.

Marion zei

Annette wat een mooie dingen heb je weer gemaakt. Ik heb gelijk de link bij mijn favorieten gezet want ik ben ook een beetje verslaafd aan haken en breien.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Pauline zei

Je hebt zo te lezen weer fijne dagen gehad en leuke dingen gemaakt!

miek zei

het dekentje schiet al lekker op, het wordt erg mooi.

Saskia zei

Thank you, je taartje was idd lekker.

Wat zijn die sneeuwvlokken leuk zeg

Enne....dat wordt haken haken en haken voor jou als Kira's deken af moet voor haar verjaardag

Carol zei

Your snowflakes look so charming with the white lights on the branch, Annette!! I love them!

Your first attempt at decoupage is so pretty, too...Kira is one lucky little girl to have a mom who can create so many pretty pink things for her :)

Hetti zei

Het jaar is nog begonnen of je hebt alweer een heleboel leuke dingen gemaakt en gekregen!!
De sneeuwvlokken zijn enig en het dekentje in wording ook.
Die 35 blokken heb je zo gemaakt;-))
Succes en groetjes,

Valma zei

Your hearts in decopatch look so beautiful
For a first it's a good first :D
I 'decopatched' a box for paper tissues and a box for jewels a day.
It's a good way of having fun and a very creative moment too
have a good week

Pumpkin zei

You are a woman of all trades! Very crafty you are :o) Thanks for sharing your latest projects.

Nima zei

wow...kira's blanket is coming along beautiful...i'm sure you can finish it in 2 weeks...

Siobhán zei

Beautiful work, Annette! I saw a photo somewhere of a crochet table runner made of snowflakes. I sent it to my daughter (who crochets) and told her I'd like it for next year, please! ;)

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette!

The crocheted snowflakes are awesome,so pretty and stylish!

I would love to learn decoupage too!

The blanket is so cute,you are so talented an I am still abig fan of your Happy Blog!!

♥ Nia zei

Oh!!! I'm behind here :p We are always tweeting and I missed checking your post sooner! How did that happen?! LOL
Did you find a new hobby??? :D eehehehe Really cool! I know decoupage but decopatch never done it! looks pretty :)
I love your branch with snowflakes and lights!! so beautiful =))))
More squares done? How's the countdown going? :p
Hugs&Smiles to you!! :)

Doni zei

Love the hearts! Don't you just love doing decoupage! I made some christmas ornaments using modpodge and it was so much fun!

The snowflakes look wonderful too! Thank you for using my pattern and for mentioning my blog. :)