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dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

My weekly update..;)

This week I've been doing al kinds of stuff.
Let we begin with my stitching pieces.
First my blue owl.
This is my job piece, I only stitch it at my it's quiet, so I can stitch a bit, next week will be busy at my work, a lot of new patient will come, so not that much time to stitch..hihi ;)

I love the colors in it.... Noah his room will be so great when I finish ALL my things I wanne make... ( where can I BUY TIME???)

Then my October Margaret Sherry kitty

I hope to finish it by the end of the month.. I'm aleady looking for the fabric to finih it off.

I also have been crocheting. I way behind then my mind is... LOL ;) I wanne finished this 3 weeks ago, but I only started it last week

I wanne make a few more... and then look what to make for November on my table... Any Idea's???

Then I signed up for the KCWC: kids clothes week challenge, it started yesterday =)
It's the meaning that you sew, crochted, knit every day 1 hour to make clothes for your kids.
last year I was to busy being pregnant, and wasn't in the mood, but this year I enter it..
Noah fits his PJ I made last year still very good... but Kira doesn't have something so I'm going to sew her 2 night-gown..
this will be the pattern I'm using but with-out the bird

I hope to finish 2 of them... so more next week, not much too see yet

This week Noah wanted to make cupcakes again... and finally I didn't forgot the take pic's ( we bake them almost every
I made a beautifull collage

Look at how beautifull Noah ( and a bit of me) made them... we put a brown circle on the cupcake and then Noah wanted a blue 8 on every one, and he decorated it with litter ( is that a good translating?)
Don't they look great on my etagere... ( THANK YOU SO MUCH STEFANIE, I STILL LOVE IT)

I was looking to the pic's I made last week and look what I found

Bad Noah...

So I'm of the do a hour of working on the night gown and the maybe early off to bed

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Amarins zei

Wat een prachtige foto's allemaal, schitterende werkjes. En ook aan de haak, wat zijn je pompoenen leuk!
Groetjes, Amarins

Olga Visser zei

mooi, mooi, mooi - alles is gewoon mooi! grappige pompoenen, waarom zijn ze WIT? zijn ze albino's? ;)))))

groetjes ;))))))))))))))

Annie zei

Lots of fun projects there. Might as well do them when you have the time. Did Noah get the camera and take those photos when you weren't looking? Too funny!

Too bad you don't celebrate US Thanksgiving. November is turkey time here and you could make one of these:

♥ Nia zei

when you find where to buy the time, please, let me know!!! ;) hehehehe
ohhhh cute little pumpkins!! adorable =)
Cupcakes!!! :D I made chocolate with chantilly on top :p heheheh
hahahah Noah doing what he does best, playing around :D Cute!!! :D

Carol zei

Glad you're having a quiet time at work right now so you can stitch more, Annette--your owl is really coming along nicely...

I think your crocheted pumpkins are darling--how about crocheting some pretty colored fall leaves for your November table?

Love Noah's blue and brown cupcakes (with sprinkles!!)--sure wish I was there to taste one :)

Ranae zei

Love, Love the blue owl and the white pumpkins are adorable.
Ah! Little Noah is so funny

Vinniey zei

Wow!! You have been busy, Annette. I can see you made many crafts in every week! I don't know how you arrange your time. :) Your white pumpkins are too cute! Beautiful progress on Noah's blue owl. Nice cupcake decoration from the little baker. :) Noah is so funny and cute!

Saskia zei

Haha, die pompoenen, het moest weer wit he, lol.
De uil schiet lekker op, hier ook.
En die Noah met zijn foto's, wat is het toch een boeffie.

Nima zei

Owl is getting cuter by the day...lovely white pumkins too

Unknown zei

Die pompoentjes zijn echt ZO lief ! Precies echt, de vorm zit er supermooi in.

En dat uiltje... gewoon te schattig voor woorden. Mooi mooi !!

Hihi, noah's foto's zijn heel erg grappig :D zei

Goh al die leuke dingen die ik hier weer zie , prachtig Annette !! Die gehaakte pompoenen zijn ook echt top ! ja ik blijf bij mijn standpunt , jij kan echt alles :))) !

Katrien zei

je ben je weer druk aan het werk geweest! En het is allemaal zooooooo mooi! De cupcakes zijn er HEERLIJK uit.
Hoe maak je eigenlijk zo'n fotocollage?

miek zei

wat een leuke foto`s heeft Noah van zichzelf gemaakt!
je pompoenen zijn mooi geworden, en ja, geef Kira alsjeblieft wat kleding hahaha! de uilen van jullie (saskia) worden heel leuk!

Lua*.* zei

Adorei o blog linda :D
Belo post ;)