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donderdag 25 augustus 2011

I've been stitching ;)

I have been so busy sewing that I really missed my stitching =))), so I started a little piece:Isn't Hello Kitty sweet;))

Then my sewing things...
From the moment the kids are in bed till the moment I go to bed, I sew non-stop..;))))And this is how far I got this week
Sewing this little play ribbon-blankets ( what a name... don't now another translation) is so much fun =))).... I love all those color... I already started a new bunch of them.

Then the fisrt 10 balls for the fair are done... the next 10 balls are a WIP..

Now I need to hurry ... :):)...... in 30 minutes I need to work, so hurry dress in my work clothes and get in teh car...

Have great week everyone..

Ow and who of you has sun???? Please send me some... Pears picking in teh rain isn't fun !!! :(:(

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Oh! Brianna and I just love Hello Kitty
We love to go to that store in the mall, she goes crazy over all the kitty stuff
I love the balls, that's looks like alot of work, the colors are fabulous

Pauline zei

Vandaag heb ik de zon voor je besteld!
Leuke lapjes en ballen heb je gemaakt, en je hello kitty is natuurlijk ook schattig!

Saskia zei

ik vind die doekjes zooooooo geweldig.en hier aardig weer geweest vandaag hoor, alleen vanmiddag wat spetters en regelmatig de zon. was lekker warm

Annie zei

Cute stuff! Love those little ribbon blankets.

Pouring rain here with a hurricane to come, so no help here for the pear picking!

miek zei

je krijgt toch al wel een voorraadje spullen, zo!
en wat moet jij nou met de zon?
of je werkt, of je slaapt, of je zit met je neus in de naaimachine!
oja, en je moet nog op de kinderen letten!
jij hebt helemaal geen tijd voor de zon hahaaha

♥ Nia zei

Oh my busy bee friend! :D You had some very productive days!! Good work ;)

Another Hello Kitty =) just today I remembered my hello-big-head-kitty hahahaha I have it as a mistake from the past :p LOL!!
I really like those ribbon-blankets :) so colorful and pretty! Great job!! :D

Here it's raining too, no sun to send you! sorry =/ Have you started the pear picking? Or is it only in September?

Petra zei

wow Annette, you've been busy!!! Great job!!! How many days for the fair to go? Are you also gonna crochet for the fair?

No sun here either... I want to emigrate to France :-P

Big hug,

ps I updated my blog

Petra zei

Hi Annette,

the pics of your Pieces 2009 and 2010 are not your pics of the things you made... they're of 2 other people...

(or is it only going wrong if I'm taking a look at them?)

Nima zei

so nice to come back and visit your blog...lovely taggies and bals

Hetti zei

Als je niet alles verkoopt, dan kan je altijd nog een web winkeltje starten Annette ;-)))
Maar je hebt de smaak goed te pakken, ik hoop dat het succesvol wordt met mooi weer!
Van je Hello Kittie kun je nog een leuk kussentje of tasje maken voor de verkoop,
Succes en groetjes

Carol zei

We have the sun over here, Annette--We were lucky to avoid the hurricane's rain and winds :) I'll send some over to you this week!!

Your little balls are so cute--hope they sell well at the fair... Enjoy the pear picking!

Doni zei

Oh, your Hello Kitty is SO cute! :) You are really getting a lot of things made! The blankets and the balls are so nice. :) I might have to make some of those for baby Eli. :)

Lumiruusu zei

You have again done such a great job with a sewing-machine !!
Oh,picking pears from the tree,sounds so lovely.
Here n Finland summer istoo short for pears and cherryes..but we have very tasty little and red apples :)
The Hello kitty is adorable

Katrien zei

Hello Kitty is cute :)
Wat een leuke dingen die je gemaakt hebt!