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zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

All kinds of B-day stuff

As I told you we celebrated our both ur B-day last Saterday.
And I promissed you a pic of my lovely Indonesiom diner.... :( :( I forgot... sorry.... BUT I did made pic's of my cake's!!!

My new try Chocolate pie... (a recipe froma book DH :):) got for his birthday... and I'm also very glad with it)
A apple pie... my SIL and BIL who stayed the night eat it with to two of them.
And Christoffel pie - it's a pie made of meringues and whip-cream and then in the freezer, made 2 of them, DH loves them ;). I made a little collage of a few gifts: I love the Etagere (don't know the word in English - glass-plate) I see it in a few months with a lot of crochet cupcakes...hihi ;)

A while back I bought some new flowers for the garden: (White flowers and leafs....)
My garden is growing and growing... I love it!!!

On Wednesday it will be my B-day, but also from my nephew Gabriel who turns 1.
Today we celebrated his B-day and I made him a B-day garland

He is such a cute big boy!!!!
Today also arrived a package for my B-day from sweet Nia I didn't opend it yes...... oke I peeked a bit... Also you can see the last package I got from her...
Nia you spoil me TOOOOO much I item is missing on that pic, I put it a way for Noah, and now can't find it anymore!!
You see I ripped the package and I see a bit of pink... can't wait..... still 4 more days!!!

We have strange weather... sun-rain-sun-rain-rain-rain-sun-rain.. But I got some lovely pic's

Oke now I have something funny ;) (I hope it works)
Noah loves singing songs...

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Pauline zei

Gefeliciteerd met alle verjaardagen!
En wat een heerlijke taarten zie ik!
die etagère zal ook wel vol komen denk ik zo!

groetjes Pauline

Vinniey zei

Happy birthday, Annette. All those cakes and pie making me feel so hungry. They looks so delicious! Your little crochet gifts are cute! Especially the strawberries. :)

Olga Visser zei

m-m-m-m lekker! Alvast Gefeliciteerd met verjaardagen!
Annette, ik zie ook jouwe etagere met heel veel cupcakes en niet alleen gehaakt, maar ook geborduurd!


♥ Nia zei

ohhh I love Kira with two ponytails! so cute =) heheheh
Is it a video on the end of the post? I can only see a pic from Noah.. not sure if you posted a video and it's not working for me =/ ?!

Is there a slice left for me??? I could join your SIL and BIL!! LOL :D

Love the white tree!! Is pretty :D never seen anything like that around here!

hahahah a sneak peek LOL You can open it ;) Did you like my postcards?? I love the one with the two little girls, so cute! =)
Also sent you charms, I knew you would like those :) and the colored jingles, I used those on my biscornu! You'll see on my next post ;)
Be prepare to be spoil!!! I will send you lots and lots of postcards more often ;) eheheh

Hugs to you my friend!!! :D

Doni zei

Your pies and cakes look delicious!!! :)

And Noah is a great little singer. Loved the video. :)

Have a very Happy Birthday this week Annette! :)

Katrien zei

those cakes look yummy!
We had the same kind of weather here.
That etagère will look great with crochet cupcakes :)

Saskia zei

oooooooooooooo wat zien je taarten er lekker uit, jammie. had al zo'n honger, hihi. maarre....ben de weegschaal op gegaan vanmorgen dus ff geen taart voor mij, lol.

Carla zei

Happy Birthday Annette!! Hope your having a wonderful day :)


Olga Visser zei

Annette, graad gedaan! geniet er van!


Anoniem zei

Van harte meid!

Je taarten zien er goed uit! Ze waren vast erg lekker.

Ik zie ook een leuke gehaakte cupcake staan.Is dat ook een spanen doosje wat je open kunt maken?Ik heb er ook al een paar gemaakt, leuk he!Of heb je die niet zelf gehaakt??

Fijne avond, groetjes Thea ♥

Dyanna zei

Dear Annette

Happy birthday my dear !!!

Big kiss for you

Carol zei

♫♫ Happy Birthday, dear Annette ♫♫
I wish I was there to share some of those birthday cakes with you--yum!!

Loved the video of Noah--too cute :) Every time I hear that song, now, I'll be thinking of him...

Kira's hair is getting so long--love the little pig tails and bows in it!

Lumiruusu zei

Happy Birthday dear Annette!
I love the lavender on your garden and that little tree.
Noah singing is so adorable!

Hetti zei

Gefeliciteerd Annette met je verjaardag! Je hebt prachtige taarten gemaakt en natuurlijk ook weer van die leuke foto's!!
Hoop dat je een leuke verjaardag hebt gehad, groetjes en een dikke zoen,

♥ Nia zei

I can see the video now!! :D
So cool! Your little guy sings and he sings in english! so cute! =) Carol sings Shakira and others hahhhaha
Noah is so cute =))) I've seen so many pics of him but it's different watching a video =) He looks adorable! :D

♥ Nia zei

I watched it twice! heheeh :D