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vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Thank you all so much for helping me out with the eyes...I will draw soon some more, and show it!!

I have been stitching, here a update of cute Wall-E, finally I finished aLl the confetti stitches.. It's almost finished, only the name and finished it off!!

I started the next bib:Cute little miffy, the only problem is.... a lot of WHITE... I can't see it anymore..:):)

Last Wednesday Noah had his last day on school, the thema was beach, sea, sun... and the kids could dress up!
Look at my cute sailor boy One of the activities was painting faces, I had never done it, but because I was a helping mom needed to it, the first girl wanted to have hearts on her cheeks.... easy... but then a boy he wanted a lion...OW NO....but tryed something... And Noah also wanted to be a lion :)... but his favorite color is blue so I needed to make a blue lion...He has been rubed his face... so this is not how I made

Remember al the buckets I cut this is what They did with it!!!

Then I made a cute little outfit for KiraCuteness Overload :):):):)

Last week the youngest of my best friend turned 1 year, and soon he is getting a new room, so I made his first room frames.. This is the thema she wants to do

I have made some new hair clips for Kira, she has 4 of them now, still 42 to go for having a hairclips in every color that I have on my new crochet yarnAnd some cute pic's of my beautifull kids... We are having sunny and rainy days... but we have a lot of fun!!!


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!♥ Have a great day ♥

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Anoniem zei

Ja, dat witte, ik kan me voorstellen dat het moeilijk broduren is. Maar ja, Nijntje is nu eenmaal wit!

Leuk die kleding die je maakte voor Kira.
En die haarspeldjes, helemaal top. Ik heb het patroon van dat bloemetje ook liggen!!

Fijn weekend,groetjes Thea♥

Saskia zei

Hey, wall e ziet er goed uit, nu weer wit wit wit. Hoop van het weekend ook weer eens wat steekjes te zetten, al dagen niks gedaan.

Noah zag er zo SUPER uit als matroosje, mis alleen de foto van de verkleedde Annette....
Jurkje van Kira is een schatje, de 1e is gemaakt, vele zullen er volgen.
Je kadootje is ook weer geweldig.
Spreek je snel weer! zei

WOW !!! Noah ziet er uit als een echt matroosje en Kira in haar nieuwe outfit ziet er nu NOG knapper uit :) ! Wit op wit borduren is niet makkelijk maar tja een blauw of rood nijntje is ook niet dat hè :)) !
Nog een heel fijn weekend ...

Annie zei

Those kids are just the cutest. Love the face painting and Kira looks so adorable in her new outfit. She'll have the best collection of hair clips in town!

Lumiruusu zei

The little Noah looks like the sweet kids on All Our Yeasterday
Cross stich patterns,dont he ?! :)
So cute!!

LOvely girly girl -outfit for Kira and the hair-clips are adorable!!

socialsue zei

The kids are cute! I like number 2 for the face of the drawing u did. And Wall E is really cute! I have seen the movie with my grandchildren. I think Wall E pillow would be popular with my grandsons. Is that a kit or chart from Disney?


Carol zei

Do you ever sleep, Annette? How you manage to get so many creative things done each week really amazes me!! I love little Noah in his sailor outfit--how sweet! And Kira's newest outfit is darling as well--"cuteness overload" is right!!

Katrien zei

leuke foto's weer van je kindjes. Noah ziet er goed uit als matroosje :-) En prachtige kleertjes voor Kira. Waar vind je die patroontjes?; mijn ma zou er zich ook wel eens aan willen wagen, maar ze vind niks waar ze nog aan uitgeraakt.
Kan het geloven dat al dat wit niet zo leuk te borduren is, maar het resultaat zal het zeker waard zijn

Marion zei

Annette wat ben je weer lekker druk met allemaal leuke spulletjes.
Die haarclips zijn geweldig en wat zal het Kira allemaal leuk staan.Groetjes Marion

♥ Nia zei

OMG! The cutest sailor boy on earth! :D
I love those painted faces, Carol did that once on a birthday party, a beautiful butterfly.. I wanted one too!! Lol when I'll have my kids I will definitely paint my face too hehehe

Kids grow so fast! Kira is looking a lot like Noah :) really similar faces :)
They both look so cute and happy! You're a great mom, you dedicate your time and yourself to them :) I hope one day I will be a mom like you! :)

Wall-e and Eva look great! You had a tough time with all the confetti stitches but it was worth it! :)
Now with miffy you're going through the same headeach that I had with my kitty-big-head :p stitching this amount of white in white fabric.. Is a slow death! Lol

Unknown zei

Oooh ! Kira haar outfitje is echt superlief !

En je hebt me helemaal aan het kriebelen gezet met al je blogjes over het borduren ! Ik ben er zelf ook mee gestart !!

Dankjewel voor de inspiratie !

Hetti zei

Geweldig leuk het matroosje Noah!En Kira is een schatje in haar nieuwe outfit.
Lekker he, die bezige handjes van je Annette ;-)))))
Groetjes, Hetti

Anoniem zei

Your kids are adorable and congratulations on your finish.


Nima zei

that looks lovely...the sailor noah looks are going to make 42 more haircips...that's lovely too...i love kira's new's pretty and cute..

Nima zei
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Vinniey zei

I was crazy with hair accessories shopping for my daughters recently. Most of them are in pink! (LOL) You made beautiful hair clips, Annette. Kira is so lucky to have so many hair clips made by you. :) A blue lion? That's cute! Noah is so cute with his sailor outfit. Kira is super cute with the beautiful outfit you've made for her. :)