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zondag 3 juli 2011

GIVE-AWAY and logo!!

As I mention in my last posts my blogoversary was in March on the 17th.
So time for a belated give-away!!!
I'm still cleaning up the attic, and found lovely cuddies..... so need to make a lovely package.


I will choose a winner on the 1st of August.

Then my LOGO:
I have been drawing for a while and the first thing I know was a name..
I wanted to do something with the names Noah and Kira
So came with


Then I wanted to have Noah and Kira on the logo

aren't they cute!!

I need your help with the eyes... I can't choose:I like the 2th and the 4th...

Then because Noah is in love with Ladybugs and I like them to we have to have ladybugs in it!!

This what I came up with for a logo: What do you think of it!!! :) I like it but it's still not finished!!
I just saw I have drawn 2 kids 2 ladybugs and 2 clouds... so need to change that.
Anyone has a idea over what to put in it??

Thank you so much

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

27 opmerkingen:

Pauline zei

Gefeliciteerd hoor! Ik vind het wel leuk om met je give-away mee te doen.

groetjes Pauline

Hetti zei

Persoonlijk vind ik de 4e oogjes het leukst Annette.

Wat gaan Noah en Kira doen op je plaatje? Als je dat weet kun je er figuurtjes in tekenen. Byv. als ze naar de dierentuin gaan kunnen er dieren bij en als ze naar het park gaan, teken je er bloemetjes en boompjes bij. Zo kun je een hele reeks tekeningen maken, van de zee tot school!
Veel succes en groetjes,

Saskia zei

Hey, heeft ze opeens weer "stiekum"een blog geplaatst. ik zou ook voor de 2e of de 4e oogjes gaan, lastig kiezen hoor. Ben jezelf aan het tekenen geweest eigenlijk, kun je dat ook al?
En misschien thema lente/zomer/herfst/winter? Gaat vast goed komen, jou kennende...

Unknown zei

Ooooh ! Hoe leuk !!

Ik vind het 2de stelletje oogjes voor Noah het mooiste, en het 4de voor Kira.

Héél mooi getekend trouwens ! Echt knap amai!

Ik zou precies wel de kleurtjes feller maken? Maar da's misschien al wel de bedoeling?

Ik ben helemaal in-to de mooi omrande, felle tekeningen met voor de rest niet veel achtergrond bij... ;-) maar da's ieder zijn ding he.
Heeeel mooi allesinds !!

Nima zei

wow...that's so are so artistic...i loved the name noki...and my favorite eyes are the 2nd set ....

congrats on you blog anniversary...please do add me for the giveaway draw...thank you

mbroider zei

Thanks for the giveaway... I would like to try my luck!!

I am loving 5th and 1st... I think you can add a birdie or 2 or 3 near the clouds?

Happy Time Selecting!

Pauline zei

Wat een leuk logo!!
Gisteren nog niet te zien inderdaad, maar nu dus wel.
Als het om de ogen gaat vind ik de nummers 4 het best.

groetjes Pauline

Carol zei

Oh, how I wish I could draw! Your little logo is darling, Annette :)
I like the 4th set of eyes the most and they are probably the easiest to draw, too!

Perhaps add a flower or two, some birds? Have fun finishing it up!

Katrien zei

Wat een leuk logo! Voor Noah vind ik de oogjes 2 of 4 het leukste, voor Kira, nummertje 4.

Mylene zei

Such a cute logo and i do like #4 for the eyes. Goodluck in finishing, love the name too!

Would like to join in the draw, thanks.

Blu zei

I like #4 and #4 for the eyes. Those faces just make me smile;)
Please count me in for your giveaway.

♥ Nia zei

(Have I been sleeping?! WHat happened? how did I miss this post til today?!!! 0_o)

I love!! :D And your drawing is so cute!! I wish I was able to do such a thing =) congrats sweetie!!! :D
I like eyes #4 =) cute!
I think it really looks amazing! :D I like the kids, ladybugs, colors, all! Even the name on the cloud :D It's like a dream floating on a cloud =)

You can add simple and lovely flowers, not many, just one here and there. Maybe a bird, it would look lovely but I don't know if it's hard to draw..

I can see a banner looking like that :D And you can make tags with clouds and the name ;) For a shorter logo you can out only the kids.. oh yes! that has some serious potencial :D

♥ Nia zei

I was so excited writing about your draw that I forgot to mention about the giveaway! hahahah
Of course I want to be in! Count my name please :D

Doni zei

Wow, Annette, you are a wonderful artist too! I love your logo drawings, and I like #2 and #4 the best too. Very cute!! :) zei

Goh Annette ik had dit nog niet eerder gezien en natuurlijk doe ik ook graag mee met je giveaway :) ! Je logo is super , heel creatief en de oogjes ... ja ik ga ook voor twee en vier . Nog een dikke proficiat met je blog verjaardag :) .

Anoniem zei

Wat schattig getekend en ik doe graag mee met de give away ;o)
groetjes Marjolein

Donna's Stitching zei

Your babies are so cute please enter me in your contest thanks Donna

Rhonda Polk zei

Good morning-
would love to enter your belated blogavarsary....I like #4 of the eyes......

here is my e-mail addy:

Tara Kimberley Torme zei

Hi Annette

thank you so much for inspiring me with your finishes. Your blog is totally awesome and I love your finishes for your children who are absolutely adorable. The bunny with the white on the bib is really cute - I know how you feel - I finished 6 white on white ornaments and I finished them off with gold metallics for the outlines and I put beads on them. They turned out amazing!

I love reading your blog and other stitching blogs - they help me to keep my focus on my stitching and also help me to get inspired as to how to improve my own needlework skills.

Best wishes,

Tara Kimbereley Torme
bbinteractive yahoo groups member

irene zei

Hoi Annette, ik wil ook wel meedoen met jouw give-away.
Ik weet niet of je de oogjes al hebt gekozen, maar ik ga voor de vierde.

Groetjes, Irene

Kim Reid zei

Love your new logo and I would choose #4 eyes - so cute!!
I'd love a chance to enter your giveaway :)
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Lumiruusu zei

I just wonder how I almoss miss your give-away
- so please count me in too !! :)

Anoniem zei

I do like your painting.
It such a cute picture with these two children.
I prefer the 3rd of the boys and the
3rd of the girls eyes.
To this nice picture I wouls like another cloud, a sun and my be be a little bird.
Now I amvery lokking forward to the finish of this pictur.
All the best from Germany

Tracey zei

Annette, please enter me in your giveaway! And the picture of your kids in your header is so sweet- I love it!

Dyanna zei

Hello hello Annette,
I was lost on my specials blogs and I found your... at least, because I want to continue do see our delicious works !!

Regarding the Giveaway, I on it !!

And your logo... oh my good, so cute and sweet. The faces I will vote on the second of the Kira and 4th of the Noah (one with open eyes and the other one not, to be diferent :) )
But only to complete a little more, I was thinking on 2 or 3 flowers and one of the ladybugs leaving one flower... I don't know...

Annette I will apreciate your visit on my simple blog space, the EnolyCrafts

Kisses and see you :)

Vinniey zei

Beautiful drawing, Annette! All of the logos are beautiful. I also like the 2nd and 4th... just to choose one? I choose the 4th. The 4th are so sweet.. Noah is so sweet and Kira is so cute from the drawing. Hope to see your final finishing artwork soon.

Carla zei

Annette, you drawn very nice! Your new logo is lovely, I love the second set of eyes for both kids :)