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woensdag 22 juni 2011


It wasn't difficult to make the pattern and make the bolero, soon I have to make more clothes for Kira more bolero's will follow.
Last Saterday we had the party, I wanted to bring my camera allong but I forgot :(:(, also forgot th etake pic's of the clothes :P.
This are the best pic's I have

Kira with her beautifull dress and leggings, and she is wearing my selfmade shoes and bolero.
If you look good you can see a red crochet pin flower in her hair that I also made ;)
Noah with my selfmade trouser, blouse and tie. He was such a handsome man... My little dude!!! :)

Just on the last moment I thought to make a cute crochet flower in her hair. It looks so cute only it didn't survive the dayIt came loose and at the moment I don't know where it is, I think Noah throw it away because it's broken...
But now I have another virus... making those cute hair-clibs Perfect color of the pin with her clothes
I you look good you see it (pic can be enlarge)
The flowers are made with my new crochet threads.
Last month my vacation money came and as we don't go on vacation I gave myself a present and bought cotton threads, al the other things I have made where al made with acryl. Look at how beautifull my new colors look 46 colors... look at how beautifull.... I wanne make a flower pin in every color so she always can wear one with her clothes...
But I was looking to buy a lot of pins, I only could find one website and they are out of stock, They will mail me when it's back in stock... (I HOPE VERY VERY SOON)
The new threads are a bit smaller as i'm used to look at this pic But I love working with it...:)

On the party last Saterday on niece was pregnant so I made a little giftThey where very glad with it
And my SIL came with the big news that she is pregnant of nr. 3 ... so next January I hope to get a niece or nephew:):):)

Then my sitching update'sThey both are progressing well. And I'm so in love with Hello Kitty.... more will definitively follow...:):):):)

BTW Noah asked for a Wall-E pillow for on his bed.....;)


I'm behind on blogreading, so I'm going to do that now, till next time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

Noah loves to take pictures and Kira loves to be in your pictures! hhahaha doesn't she? I really think she likes it!! :D
She looks adorable! And so does Noah, l-o-v-e his tie, handsome dude ;) Lol

You really lost your head with all those colors!! hahaha Hope to see new things soon ;)
Good progress on your wips :)
I'm like Noah, I want a Wall-E pillow for myself!! We need to find some stores selling time in packages ;)

Huge hug for you all!!!! :D

Annie zei

Super cute photos of the kiddies. You've been creating a lot of cute things as always.

Hope you have room to store all those threads!

Pauline zei

Dat zijn een hoop vrolijke kleurtjes!
en Kira zag er erg mooi uit hoor.
Je werkjes gaan ook lekker, leuk om te zien.

Saskia zei

wauw wat een boel bollen heb je nu op voorraad, zal snel weer wat leuke haakpatronen!
enne....het eindresultaat van kitty is super, op naar de volgende zei

Ach Annette wat een mooi , lieve foto's van de kinderen , ook zie ik hier weer leuke werkjes en vrolijke kleurtjes , jammer dat we geen tijd kunnen kopen hè ....dat zou pas handig zijn ;)

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette!

I have not forgotten Your sweet blog but I have been extremely busy.
The massive decorating of our kitchen and making all done for my DD's Confirmation Day and a big after party for relatives have taken all my time and strength.

Now I have at last time to read blogs,to update mine and the most important - to stitch on my new sofa :D
Yes -me and my lovely kittyes have a new place to cuddle with each other and make those fascinating little x's to the fabric.

You have been busy to sew and stitch as always and I have to say that I just love all the pretty colours of your crocheting yarns !!
They look like some colourfull candyes for me :)

Doni zei

Kira looks so adorable in her outfit! You did a wonderful job on all your projects! And all that new thread! I'm very jealous! How fun! :)

Hetti zei

Kia is net een prinsesje, zo'n mooi jurkje heeft ze aan...en dan die leuke schoentjes!
En Noah zo stoer! Je maakt zulke leuke kleertjes voor allebei.

WOW, al die bollen...dat wordt een drukke zomer Annette ;-)))
Groetjes, Hetti

Marion zei

Wat zijn de kid's toch een schatjes en wat zien ze er toch altijd lief en stoer uit.
Wow wow wow Annette al die kleurtjes, wat zal jij in je sas zijn.

Groetjes Marion

Vinniey zei

Aww… Kira is so cute with her new outfit!!! Your crochet hair clips is beautiful. You must be very busy with your new hobby and Kira is so lucky to have so many new hair clips to match all her dress. :) Hope the pins are in stock and arrive to you soon. Your gifts to your niece are so cute and creative.

Carol zei

Noah and Kira are looking darling in your outfits, Annette :) So funny that you now have a new addiction to making the hairclips.

Such pretty colors--I love them all :) Your Wall-E pillow for Noah will be so cute. I think that is darling that he asked you to make him one--he obviously appreciates your stitching!

Have a great weekend :)

Katrien zei

so many lovely colors.
Kira looks soooo cute :)
Hello Kitty looks good!

Carla zei

Kyra looks adorable!! And so happy with her new outfit :)
Love her new hair clips♥, I wish Maria Fernanda had her so I could put some clips on :S

miek zei

Kira is wel een plaatje in haar mooie jurk met schoentjes.
En dat je zelf de kleren voor Noah maakt! goed zeg.
en onder tussen gewoon ook nog werken en hobbyen (ofzo).
Oh, ik kan me Noah zo goed voorstellen met al die kleuren katoen.
wat een creatieve jongen zal dat toch worden!