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dinsdag 5 april 2011


The birthsampler is progressing well. I choose two lovely pink colors, for the name and weight/height and birth-date. It's not done yet, need to stitch the Christians names and I think some more leaves. But I think to finish it this month (FINALLY).. This week is my step-mothers birtday, so Noah made a drawing and I made another card The garland is finished, but after I have given it to the birthday boy I will post it on my blog.. I do have a photo to show, I started a secret gift.
My SIL told me last week dat her mother (his grandma) also wanted a overall that I made for him last December.. but it was a joke... hihi I started it anyway and finished the back (translation -> Grandma's sidekick)
Need to finish it before this weekend, so tonight when Noah and Kira are sleeping, my sewing machine is making overtime Then I made this piece

Last week I went to a funeral of a boy that only was 1,5 years old, from a former friend, and they asked to bring something personal for him. They sad that he was a butterfly now and is free , so I made a little bleu butterfly with his name on it. My toughts are with his family I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

12 opmerkingen:

Ginnie zei

The birth sampler is progressing really well.

Annie zei

Lots of fun crafting at your house as always. The butterfly is really a sweet tribute.

Marion zei

Annette je bent lekker opgeschoten met Pooh. Het kado'tje is geweldig en daar zal de krijger heel blij mee zijn.
Wat triest om een vlindertje te maken voor deze gelegenheid. Je moet er echt niet aan denken.

Groetjes Marion

Saskia zei

Nog even doorzetten en Poeh is klaar. Mag je eindelijk je panda weer oppakken en afmaken.
Succes met de overall, maar dat gaat vast wel lukken

Mylene zei

Pooh is sure looking beautiful.
A lovely butterfly, so sorry though about the little boy, such a young age to go...

Hope all is well over there with you, here has been very very windy and raining today. We've been to Amsterday(China Trade) for some groceries today as hubby turns 50 this coming saturday...i am trying to organize things for some kind of buffet...

Nima zei

Lovely progress on birth sampler.

I love the little butterfly too...perfect for a tribute.

miek zei

ik moet iedere keer weer even stil staan bij de bovenste foto, die vind ik zo geweldig, Noah met zn zusje in zn armen, heerlijke foto!
fijn dat je opschiet met winnie, maar ik las al dat de panda ook staat te trappelen om jou aandacht hahaha

Doni zei

The sampler is looking great! What a wonderful keepsake that will be.

The butterfly is lovely, I was so sorry to read about the little boy.

Ziggyeor zei

Your Birth sampler is beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about the little boy. Beautiful tribute to him.

Katrien zei

Je geboortelap ziet er goed uit; leuke tekst op de overall :)

♥ Nia zei

Hi my sweet friend!! I missed you!!! =)
I'm late on my emails/blog reading and I spent the weekend away.. but now I'm back and ready to start a new week :) Batteries recharged :D ehehehe

I love those letters and the color you picked is so pretty :D very girly ;)

I hope you finished everything you wanted to make and that you have also rested a bit too :)

May the butterfly fly and reach Heaven ♥

Petra zei

Hi Annette,

You've been busy!!! It's all so beautyful!!!

And I'm speachless and touched about the story of that little butterfly Kay...

CU soon