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zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queen's day

Today in the Netherlands it's Queen's day. We celebrate the birthday of the Queen.
In every Town/Village and City, they celebrate it with a parade, and play all kinds of games. Also the Queen and her family visit 2 towns, this your a City where my MIL and FIL live, they also sung in there choir for the queen. We watched it on the television... Noah love it to seeing his grandpa and grandma on tv.
Yesterday I decorated the handcart, and this morning we walked the parade, Kira's godmother went along.
At the end of the parade, we let up balloons with our adress, so when you get one of my kids there in America ....(hihi LOL) please send it back

My chicken is progressing slowly. I finished his body and one wing
So one more wing and plume to go

Last night I made a sun hat for Kira, so she could wear it today, it's a bit too BIG, but it's so cute!!
More will follow!!

Yesterday we had a short storm..., and a few days off rain, but we also have a lot of sun:)
Inside and outside we had a lot off fun..and finally I got Noah drawing...At the moment my nieces, and Kira's godmother are here ... so I'm going to get further with the game Monopoly!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!


12 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

So your MIL and FIL are stars! That really must have been fun to see them on TV.

It's a beautiful day here. I've been looking for your balloon, but I haven't found it yet. I guess it takes time to get across the pond!

Wendy zei

haliehalo, daar ben ik weer !
allereerst gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van je dochter, wat een schatje !

helaas doen de foto´s van deze post het bij mij niet, dus ik kom morgen wel weer even terug om alles te bekijken !

Nima zei

so nice to come back to your blog after some time. so nice to see the lovely orange baloons. and the cute pictures of little ones. lovely to see the crochet chicken as well.

Katrien zei

lovely pics of the kids! :)

Pauline zei

Wat leuk allemaal weer! En ik zie dat je kip ook erg goed gaat nu! Knap hoor!!!

♥ Nia zei

hahaha I don't think that the balloons have enough air to cross the pond ;) LOL
Your chicken looks so cute!!! :D Great work!!
You made a hat? I see that you have great sewing skills :D
Kira is growing up!!! =)
Here it's raining too, good weather to stay home and craft ;)
Enjoy your Sunday with your kids!!! Huge hug for you all :D

Carol zei

What a festive celebration, Annette--I take it orange is the official color of the Royal Family of the Netherlands? How nice to see your husband's parents singing on television!

Kira's hat is precious and I have no doubt she will soon grow into it. Noah is so sweet giving his sister her bottle. I'm sure he'll be a very protective big brother :)

Mylene zei

Looks like you all had wonderful time yesterday. Such cute cute pictures of the little ones!
Have a lovely week ahead!

Stefanie zei

Hey Annette,
It was fun to see you and the kids!
I hope that the balloons of Kira and Noah will get very far! hihi
The collages you make are very nice ;-).

Doni zei

What a fun filled weekend you all had!

Kira's sun hat looks so sweet on her. You did a nice job on that. :)

And I really enjoy your photo collages! What a sweet picture of Noah feeding Kira. That made me smile. :)

Virpi zei

That chicken looks cute! Your collages are brilliant =D

Lumiruusu zei

I also like a lot your picture collages!

The Queen day-sounds so great!
I am absolutely jelous for you girls in UK and Netherlands to have real Royalties on your countryes...
Well,there is
King Charles and
Queen Silvia on our neighbour country,Sweden but still it is not the same :D

The crocheted-chicken will be great!!