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vrijdag 15 april 2011

(: ♥Happy Dance♥ :)

Yes, I have great news........... Kira's Pooh Birthsampler is finally done!!!!
Are you all dancing with me :):):):)

Two days ago a friend found out I stitched a name wrong
So this morging I was frogging and frogging, and then stitched the right letters.

Did it in the washing machine and hang it outside to dry in this lovely sunny weather

Tonight I ironed it

And then I framed it

I'm so glad my beautifull piece is finished... Now DH can hang it on her room..And We can enjoy it for many years.
I just dicided to crochet some pink flowers, hearts and butterfly's to decorate the frame.. but have to many projects right now, so it have to wait!!!

What do you al think of my beautifull piece :)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!

16 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

The framed treasure is sure to be cherished by Kira
I love how the leaves are falling.
Cute little Tigger on Pooh is adorable

Annie zei

It's a perfect piece! So glad you caught that 'typo'. Imagine if years later you discovered that error!

♥ Nia zei

ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ƪ(˘˛˘)ʃ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ* (me dancing! :D )
Looks lovely!! Those letters on Kira's name are so adorable =) And that color... melts my heart! :)

It's so good to look your work on the wall, isn't it? Worth all those hours stitching green ;) heheheheh

Congratulations sweetie!!! :D

Carol zei

I'm happy dancing with you, Annette!! It is such a darling piece and I love how you stitched Kira's name... Congratulations :)

Saskia zei

goed gedaan, nu echt helemaal af en met de juiste naam ;)

Nima zei's going to be a treasure for Kira to see when she grew up...and i'm sure she will thank you for making this sampler for her.

Jane zei

Ahhhhhhhhh, so sweet and a lovely keepsake for years to come xxxxx

Pauline zei

Heel erg leuk geworden! Als ik dit soort werkjes zie word ik altijd eventjes melancholisch....mijn kinderen zijn nu al zo groot...daar maak je geen Winnie the Pooh meer voor.
Gelukkig kwam je er nog op tijd achter dat er een foutje in de naam zat....

Daffycat zei

Oh, congratulations, Annette! The Pooh project for Kira turned out to the the cutest ever! I love it!

Mylene zei

I am happy dancing here for you, Annette. Great job and it looks beautiful!!

A happy happy weekend to all!

Doni zei

That is just beautiful Annette! You did a wonderful job and what a beautiful keepsake to have. I laughed at your title, I do the happy dance too when I get a big project completed. :)

Blu zei

Congrats on such a lovely finish!
Good thing your friend caught that typo early!

Marion zei

Annette, wat is Pooh verschrikkelijk leuk geworden en wat een mooie namen heeft Kira.

Groetjes Marion

Lumiruusu zei

Your cute and colourfull Winnie the Pooh-pattern is finished!
Well done! :)

I just cant wait to see your next stitching project.
You allways choose so happy and pretty patterns.
Happy easter

♥ Nia zei

Happy Easter!!! :)


Katrien zei

en goed dat je het zelf kan kaderen! Mijn werkjes blijven hier gewoon in een lade liggen, omdat ik het niet aandurf om in te kaderen, en het laten doen kost zoveel geld hé :(