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zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Wonderfull gift, update pooh and chicken and kids!!

Look at what the cute ♥♥♥ mailman ♥♥♥ brought to me, a beautifull lovely box from Portugal, from the sweet ♥Nia.
And when I opend the box, this beauty came out of it:
I can't tought it to much, carefull for the picture hang it on my memobord...
It has the beautifull name Kira, so i wanna find a place on Kira's room where I can hang it...
♥Nia Thank you so much.. I love her.. It's really a beautifull gift, can't thank you enough...

Here a update on my sampler: Still on the green stitches and black back stitches..

Then the chicken
The pattern is very difficult for a starting crocheter as me, but trying and trying ... What also difficult is that the pattern is full of mistakes...

This afternoon Noah was very quiet suddenly, He told me whent looking by Kira who was in the perambulator..Look at what I foundI don't whant to know how he got there LOL

That was it for tonight, going to watch some TV I cute my finger real bad, so no crafting for me for a few days

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

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Saskia zei

wow, is noah zo zelf bij kira in de wagen geklommen? wat een boefie!

en nog effies en poeh is af. snel die vinger beter laten worden.....


♥ Nia zei

Oh!!! I'm so glad my fairy got there in one piece :D hahaah Really, it was the first time I sent one doll with wings by mail! I was afraid she wouldn't take the trip very well :p hahahaha
Kira was my inspiration to make it, it had to be pink ;) and I really like that match blue+pink, I hope you both will enjoy it too :)

Noah is amazing!! How did he do that? hahaha :D
And Kira is growing up!! Lovely eyes =)

I'll reply to your email tomorrow ;)
Huge hug sweetie!!!! :D

Nima zei

wow...what a cute fairy it is ...i lvoe it...It's so nice to see Noah sitting along with cute

Virpi zei

Pretty fairy and so is the pics of the kids. They look adorable =D

Doni zei

The fairy is adorable! I'm sure Kira will love her too. :)

I love your Winnie the Poo sampler, that is going to be beautiful.

And cute, cute pictures of your children. Seeing the places Noah is into made me laugh. :)

Carol zei

What a delightful fairy that sweet Nia made for little Kira! I've never seen anything quite like it--it really is darling...

Pooh is coming along great, Annette! I'm so sorry to hear that you cut your finger--not a good thing for a stitcher, is it? Hope it heals quickly...

Hugs to the kids :)

Daffycat zei

Oooo, you have a wonderful mailman! LOL A lovely gift from Nia!

Oh no, I hate having a cut on my fingers or hands. I hope it heals quickly, Annette.

kronova zei

wat een aap :) Moet toch niet makkelijk zijn om daar te geraken maar het ziet er wel heel lief uit. zei

Leuke post kreeg je Annette en pooh is toch el heel schattig ,het gaat goed vooruit ! Kleine Noah is toch wel een schattig kereltje hè en kleine Kira is al een flinke meid aan het worden ! Trouwens hele leuke foto's...

Mylene zei

Cute cute fairy from Nia!

Pooh is coming along fine and beautiful pics of the kids. Kira is sure growing fast!

I hope your fingers heals very soon.

Happy Spring!!

mbroider zei

I love to read about your children. I understand your happiness looking at your son's pranks. Bliss, isnt it!!

Love the Winnie project...

Let us hope your fingers heal soon, and you get back to stitching

Petra zei

Hey Annette,

Noah did a good job, hi hi hi, climbing by Kira. What a lovely gift you got from Nia! You're doinga good job with Pooh. Althoug I have a book How to learn to crochet (for kids), I still can't... I'm a little bit jealously of what you make *blush*
And last but not least a beautyfull picture of the little princess, you've made my day!!!

Katrien zei

such cute pics!
Your sampler is coming along beautifully.
What a nice and thoughtful gift you recieved.

Lumiruusu zei

You get a lovely gift from Nia .
The blogging stitchers just are the best !!

Love pics,sweet children ! :)

♥ Nia zei

Hug hug hug :)