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maandag 14 maart 2011

To many things to show

I'm not lost or on vacation, but didn't give myself the time to post, other things where to much more important to do :).
But I havn't sat still, so here comes my work!!

First the cute little frog, it was a suprise for Mylene, to cheer her up.

She has some beautifull pictures of it on her blog!!
She always make such beautifull things, and I love having her as a blogfriend.
She has send me many lovely gift with such beautifull finishes, mostly with beads.
So I wanna try to do it too.
For a first time it isn't bad!!

Back in January I was working on a little piece for a quilt als a cheer up for someone with a very sick husband.
She recieved the quilt and this is my part in it

(I did not made this quilt only the stitching piece) I so love how they finsihed it up as a quilt.
She was totally in love with it, and send me a beautifull gift to say thank you (forgot to take a picture). At the moment is going very good with her husband thankfully

My beautifull granny blanket is progressing slowly, but I love it. A picture of the front and the back=)
So now make 3 more squares of 16 granny's together and it's done for now I think.
But it's going aside because I found something beautifull to make on this blog. Went looking for the pattern in the magazine and this is my start of the chicken so far Not much yet,but hope to finish it before Easter!!

Then a love photo of my beautifull orchid, almost al the flowers are in bloom I have some beautifull pics made of the kids
We wenr looking for ladybugs, Noah loved it
My little boy on a very very big horse
My Darling kids
If you look good you see curling in Kira her hair, every time when it's wet, it begins to
curl!!! I love it, but when it's dry they are gone..:(

I just got a phone call need to go... till next time.. bye bye

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

13 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

I didn't realize you were so talented at quilting. That's a gorgeous piece. Love all your finishes.

Noah looks so cute on that horse. And I wonder if Kira will be curly-haired when she gets older. You never know.

Saskia zei

ziet er allemaal weer goed uit meis

knuf voor de kids!


Ranae zei

Gorgeous quilt, they did a great job on it.
Your granny square aphgan is looking fabulous
darling pics of the kiddies

sarams1987a zei

Nics blog.

I follow your blog ;)

Mvg Sarah

Katrien zei

Je ornamentje voor Mylene is prachtig geworden!
Leuke foto's van de kids :)

Carol zei

I love seeing Noah on that huge horse, Annette--he looks so pleased with himself, not scared at all! And little Kira is so pretty in pink :)

That was so sweet of you to send Mylene the frog ornament--your beading looks wonderful and I love the quilt that you and your friends put together for the friend with the sick husband. I'm sure she was just thrilled and very touched.

Have a great week :)

Doni zei

Your children are adorable! And I love seeing all your projects. I enjoy cross stitching too, but haven't done much of it recently, but seeing that cute little frog makes me motivated to get back at it. :)

Vinniey zei

All the stitching pieces on your quilt looks beautiful. Where do you bought this quilt from? It's so lovely. I saw your little flog pillow on Mylene's blog. Such a cute gift! Noah are so cute on his sister's playmat. (LOL) What a cute picture of Kira! Happy stitching!

Nima zei

wow...the ms froggy looks very pretty on that ornament...lovely finishing. good to see your little ones...

oh...we used to do the same thing collecting ladybugs when we go to our dads house in the village during spring /summer when we were nice to see ...

miek zei

Dat is erg aardig van je om aan Mylene te geven, zou bijna jalours worden want de kikker is heel erg leuk afgewerkt.
wanneer beginnen de rijlessen voor Noah? :-)
en de prins en prinses zijn een leuk stel samen.
leuke foto`s Annette!

Virpi zei

Your kids are so adorable. That frog ornament looks really nice =)

Mylene zei

I feel very fortunate to receive such a perfect gift. Thank you so much, Annette. it hangs on the flower arrangement that is in the kitchen so i see or everyone can see it daily.

Your granny suares are looking lovely, you are doing great with it.

Adorable pics of the kids.

We are missing the sunshine over here, i know it had shown up out there says the 'weerman'.

♥ Nia zei

Hi sweetie!! :D
Oh I had a couple of busy days as well, I hope to relax a little after tomorrow!

So many beautiful pictures :D I saw your frog on Mylene's blog, it looks so pretty!! And you were so nice for sending her a gift from the ♥ =) Nice to have friends like you!!

I'm glad your friend's husband is better now, I bet she was really happy with the quilt too :)

Orchid = my favorite flower :D

So many ladybugs!!!! How did you catch so many little bugs? heheheh When I was little we used to have silkworms in a box, we watched them become a cocoon and wait until they become butterflies :) It was so nice to watch it!

I saw a few of those squares.. can't quite remember where! Someone dia a few squares and them framed them individually! It looked really nice :) If I see it again I'll send you the link ;)

Have a great week my sweet friend!!!