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donderdag 3 maart 2011

New start finished, progress and granny's

I wanted to stitch something small, so taked a good look in my stash and found this cute little frog from Margaret SherryI stitched it in two evenings, and love the cutie.

Also have a progress update from my Pooh Birthsampler:Pooh is getting there.... with a lot of green (6 diffent colors) and the black backstitches

I wasn't satisfied about my first two granny that I made from here. At the blog from Bunny Mummy I saw such beautifull granny's, so looked through here blog to find how she made them and found it. So with the help of that link here is my new granny next to the old oneYou see the diffents in the piece, I love my new one so much!!!

But what will I make of them.
When I was pregnant of Noah, I decided to make the room green, I've he was a girl wanted to do pink with green, and for boy green with blue, like his room is now getting slowly...
I also wanted a green knitted blanket, but had to much pain in my shoulders, so asked a previous patient with who I still have contact if she wanted to knit one for me. She was happy to do, and look at here little Kira has it on her bed now But I decided to do here room in rood/pink, so need a new blanket, I'm not that good in knitting, and with my crochet addicting I like to crochted one, So the granny's need to be made in a BIG blanke.
At the blog from Attic24 (who makes such beautifull crochets blankets and other pieces) I found a way to put the granny's together as you go, as they call it!!
And look at what I made so far: In my beautifull new tree, my neighbor wanted it gone from his garden And I so love it, always full with birds and beautifull blossom, so I asked I've may get it, and now it's standing very beautifull, and the birds are also coming to my garden now...
The last two day's it was such beautifull weather, I've been working in the garden , it's done now, now need to get rit of al the weed between my stones!

Noah loves to make pictures with the camera, mostly they are from the ceiling, couch or my legs, but this week he made a few of Kira and I love them so much, here i have one for you Made by my lovely boy!!!

That was all for today, enjoy the lovely weather, I hope too see the sun again tomorrow!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

16 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Cute stitching. You can always count on Margaret Sherry for something quick and cute.

Looks like Kira is very warm in her new blanket!

Your crocheting is coming along nicely.

Ranae zei

Awww! I love that cute little froggie, she looks so cheery.
I loved how you incorporated the big squares with the smaller ones

Carol zei

That little dancing frog really makes me laugh, Annette! So cute...

Your pink and white granny quilt will be wonderful for Kira's room--you're off to a great start!

Tell little Noah that he is quite a good photographer :)

Lainey zei

Aww your frog is so cute Annette.
Kira looks very cosy in her lovely blanket and your granny squares are fab!
You've got a budding photographer there.

kronova zei

wat een knappe fotograaf!
Leuk die deken van granny's. Ja een meisje schreeuwt om rose he.
groetjes kronova

Saskia zei

Wat heb je weer hard gewerkt zeg, gaat goed zo!

miek zei

wat een leuke kikker is dat!
en winnie schiet nu toch ook al lekker op, nog een paar benen en hij kan rennen.
weer leuke foto`s van Kira, echt geweldig dat noah de foto heeft genomen.

Katrien zei

leuke kikker :)

Pooh gaat nu goed vooruit.
En Noah heeft fotografeer-talent, leuke foto van Kira

Mylene zei

oh that is such a cutie finish, that frog!
Another great picture of Kira.

Have a lovely weekend!!

Hetti zei

Wat is Kira toch een schatje met die donkere haartjes en Noah is een fotograaf in de dop ;-))
Is het haakvirus bij jou ook al toegeslagen?? Ziet er leuk uit en je borduurwerk ook!
Veel succes en groetjes,

Nima zei

i love the cute little MS nice to see little Kira..I love her green blanket too. you granny blanket progress looks nice too...I made a similar white and blue granny blanket for my nephew when he was born...

♥ Nia zei

I saw your MSherry on the fan blog! I love it! So cute and fuuny :D How will you finish it? Any idea yet? :)
Good progress on your birthsampler, keep it going sweetie ;)

Oh! Noah is taking pictures already :D How cute is that?? :D
You have two adorable babies :)

Have a lovely Sunday!!!
Big hug :)

Lumiruusu zei

It is always so lovely to vist your
blog and what I found again! :)
A dancing Frog (for me She looks like prettygirl-frog),beautiful knitted blanket and your crocheted one wii be awesome.
Again well done with the Winnie The Pooh-pattern,it is really a labour of love with its all different greens.

Marion zei

Annette alles ziet er weer zo mooi uit maar het mooiste is toch wel Kira. Wat een schatje.

Groetjes Marion

♥ Nia zei

Happy Women's Day ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*

♥ Nia zei

Hugs&smiles to you!
Enjoy your Sunday sweetie :D