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donderdag 10 februari 2011

Stitching update and a new crochet project!

I finally have decided what to use for color for the leafs on my birth sampler.. So here is my progress:The tree is als good as done...only a few flowers and leafs on the bottom
I so like the tree...

Because the birthsampler is so many counting and little stitches, I got out a WIP from last year with easy big color pieces!
This is how it looked like last year:
And this is how it look like now: I finished all the black, and started on yellow from Bumba!

Here the pictures of my finished February stamp from my Lizzie kate SAL
Still need to at the ribbon on the flatfold, but don't have one I like....

Them my new crochet project..
I have a beautifull sideboard... And a few weeks back I saw a pictures on a blog of someone who had made a garland and hang it on the side board.. I so loved it, it's in my head all the time... how to make it from what to make it.
I have now the idea of making a garland from al my crafts.. so felt-crochet-stitching-sewing...
I made my first 2 pieces for the garland with crochet... And I like it so much.. maybe I'm going to make a garland with only crochet pieces..hihi... still thinking it out
(also a lovely idea for a bikini....hihi)
But more of this project later!!

Then on the last of my post pictuers of my beautifull children..
Noah and I where making Pizza tonight

Cake on the background... I have made 10 so far for the people that are coming to see sweet Kira
And Kira was sleeping:

That was al for today...
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

13 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

Nu nog even doorzetten en de blaadjes borduren. Bumba wordt ook steeds leuker.


Annie zei

I don't know where you find the time to do all this crafty work when you have two little ones to take care of, especially the newborn!

I guess it's because Noah is so much help in the kitchen now!

Ranae zei

Well by golly girl you sure know how to use every single minute in a day, lol
The flatfold turned out great.
The WIP's are looking good.
That's what I thought at first glance too... bikini, lol
10 cakes since Kira was born??!! You Go Girl

♥ Nia zei

Kira is so adorable =) nighty-night sweetie :)
LOL! I love that bikini idea! ahahahah :D
Your birth sampler is looking lovely! Great colors :)
Good job with your wip! You know, I get more bored when I'm stitching long pieces of color than all those little stitches :) In fact, I totally abandoned one Hello Kitty because her white head was too big!! hahahaah It's true! LOL :D zei

Je pooh en Bumba borduurtjes zien er heel schattig uit ... ook de flatfold is echt wel mooi zeg , dat zou ik ook nog wel eens willen maken ... Kleine Noah heeft het ook weer echt naar zijn zin zo te zien :) geniet van je twee lieverds Annette ,het zijn pracht kinderen !!

Nima zei

lovely cross stitch and crochet piece..good to see your little ones...

Virpi zei

Your stitching looks great! Kira looks soo cute =)

miek zei

ik geloof dat de spirit weer terug is op alle creatieve fronten he!
het is maar goed dat Noah leert koken en bakken, dan schuif je over een tijdje gewoon aan tafel en wacht wat er gekookt is hihi.
leuk je valentijn hart!

Marion zei

Annette, Noah lekker aan het koken en zusjelief heerlijk slapen.
Je bent weer helemaal up-to-date met je creativiteit.
Fijn dat alles weer zijn gangetje gaat.
Ik wens je een fijn weekend toe.
Groetjes Marion

Carol zei

Your Pooh sampler is coming along nicely, Annette. I love the expression on Piglet's face--he looks so excited!

Your February LK stamp is so pretty--I just love those colors.

Little Noah looks like quite the chef in that photo--very cute. And that cake looks great, too--can't believe you've had to make 10 of them already! You must have a lot of company. Of course, who wouldn't want to see darling Kira :)

Katrien zei

Wat een vooruitgang bij Bumba! Die zal zo snel gedaan zijn.
Je pooh-sampler ziet er fantastisch uit.
En heel leuke flatfold van de februari-stamp.

Gerda zei

Je werkjes zijn mooi hoor meis, evenals de kids, ik geniet van de mooie foto 's van je schatjes!!!


Mylene zei

Great job on the flatfold, Annette. It looks lovely even without a ribbon.

You have made good progress on Bumba.