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vrijdag 4 februari 2011

pink sewing, green stitch!

I haven't done much but I have done a bit of sewing!!
Looking on the web I found a cute tutorial for my little girl.
This is what I made of it: I'm going to make more of these... They are also lovely to give as a present!!

I'm starting to stitch a LOT of green, here is a little progress of it Hope to finished it soon, wanna hang it up in Kira's room.

In the beginning of January I promissed a better pictures of the felted ice-crystals. Next year I wanna make more, and some felted mittens to hang up with them... so next year more of this....

My February flatfold is almost done, only need to ad the ribbon.

This afternoon I made a lovely pictures of Noah and Kira That was it for today, till next time!!
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

17 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Evrything looks wonderful the owl is too cute.
I can't wait to see the flatfold. Awwww!! little Noah taking care of his baby sissy

Patty C. zei

What a good big brother !!!!! zei

:)) Ach Annette Noah is wel echt in zijn nopjes met zijn klein zusje ... zo schattig en het is leuk voor hen dat ze niet zoveel in leeftijd verschillen , ik zie dat ook aan Arwen en Noor , ze hebben zoveel aan elkaar :) !
Leuk uiltje heb je gemaakt en pooh , is altijd mooi en lief !

Lainey zei

That Owl is so cute Annette and your wip is coming on.
Aww isn;t Noah a sweet big brother.

Ziggyeor zei

Cute Owl and I'm loving the progress on Winnie the Pooh. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

♥ Nia zei

cuteness overload!!! my heart continues melting with those pictures of Noah and Kira =))))) adorable!!!! :D

Lovely owl =))) and pink ;) hehehe

I love the ice-crystal on the top-right, it seems like a little flower inside :) Pretty :)))

What will you do with Pooh's stitching? Will it be a frame to put on the wall?

I saw your email, I'm updating my blog reading and I'll reply emails next ;)
Have a great weekend sweetie

Saskia zei

je bent idd aardig opgeschoten met poeh, nu de blaadjes nog...

waar heb je de ijskristallen van gemaakt?


miek zei

oh, wat een schattig plaatje is dit.
Noah met z`n baby zusje.
De uil is heel mooi gemaakt, een leuk patroon en leuke stofjes/lintjes gebruikt
groetjes miek

Amarins zei

Wat een heerlijke foto van je twee kids, super lief.
Je uiltje is ook erg leuk geworden. Veel plezier met je borduurwerk. Nu maar hopen dat hij gauw klaar is om opgehangen te worden.

Daffycat zei

A darling owl!

Wow, Kira has SO MUCH HAIR!!!

Carol zei

I love seeing the photos of Noah and Kira, Annette--amazing how much hair she has! I don't think my boys had that much until they were two years old!!

Very cute pieces that you've been busy with--the owl is darling (and pink!!)...

Marion zei

Annette wat een schattige foto van Noah en Kira. Wat zul je trots zijn op de kids.
Je bent weer fijn aan het borduren en knutselen en alles ziet er weer piekfijn uit.

Groetjes van Marion

mbroider zei

This is such a darling photo of your children. Very warm:)

Thanks for sharing...

Lumiruusu zei

The owl seems to be a really girly-girl
I love the ribbons on her.
What a sweet babyes you have,
so lovely photos again!!

Katrien zei

your sampler looks great. Cute sewing.
And such a lovely pic of Noah and Kira!

♥ Nia zei

Just passing by to send you a hug =)

Mylene zei

Such a darling picture of Noah and Kira.

You are very creative, the owl is sooo cute and lovely colours.