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zondag 27 februari 2011

finishes, progress and new start!!

Let's begin with the stitching pieces!!

I'm so glad, I was getting tired of it I love the colors
It's hanging on a clothes hanger in my livingroom, so everyone can see it.
I need to make a pillow of it for on Noah's bed, but still thining what color fabric I will use!

Then a little update on Pooh: I'm seeing green, and it's very boring!! So need to look which WIP I'm going to do together with it... but the end is in sight!

Then my second finish is with crochet, the garland and it's hanging beautifull in my living!!, even DH likes it: You see a bit of Bumba hanging, in the middle of the room?
It's hard to get it right on photo because of the reflection of the glass. I love it, and it will hang there for a long time I think... maybe in the summer make some flower for on it!!

Then I made my first and second granny.
Both are testing pieces..
There are a few mistakes in them, but that why it's was a test..hihi I like the colors.
Tomorrow i will try and make a new piece, this time need to try to do it right so it wil no longer be a testing piece :).

Then I got 2 weeks back a beautifull crochet gift for Noah and Kira from Miek: Love the pink poodle.
Miek thank you so much

Yesterday another package arrived, this time from England from Lainey: All kinds of lovely patterns, gifts for Noah and Kira and beautifull cards!
Lainey thank you so much!

Last week I orded a sewing pattern at Farbenmix in Germany.
It's designed by last year, and I so fell in love with it.
And it also was big fabric-market (we have that 2 times a year here) and bought some lovely girly-girly fabric The dress is still a bit to big for Kira, so first try will be for my neighbor girl, she is turning 3 in April, and I wanna make a birthday-dress for her, The fabric to the right with the lovely PINK butterflies and flowers on them will be the fabric. First need to know her size and then going to make it at the end of March. But my nephew 3th birthday is sooner, so first need to make his gift, his mother asked for a birthday gardland like the one I make for my other nephew Adam.

Finally at the and of the post, look at how sweet!!

Till next time, have a great week

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

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Saskia zei

meid wat ben je weer actief geweest, en wat lieffies die 2 samen .......


Daffycat zei

Congratulations on wonderful finishes, Annette! Your little Winnie the Pooh piece is so cute!

Carol zei

Congratulations on finishing Bumba, Annette. Your garland makes the living room look so festive :)

And what sweet gifts Noah and Kira have received. She is really growing quickly--I'm glad she is such a happy baby!

kronova zei

Het is weer een verzameling van leuke en mooie dingen maar het mooiste staat toch duidelijk onderaan.
Wat een schatjes.
groetjes Kronova

miek zei

wat heerlijk dat bumba af is, kan je lekker aan andere dingen beginnen. je slinger is mooi geworden.
wat een afsluiter weer, heerlijke kinderen

Ranae zei

The finish is just too cute.
I love the crocheted garland.
Your granny squares look perfect.
I love crocheting them.
Sweet photo of the kiddies

Katrien zei

Wonderful finishes!
Such a cute pic of your two sweeties :)
Nice gifts

♥ Nia zei

So many news!! :) But my favourite part is the end, the last picture :D heheheh
Congrats on your finish!! uhuuuu!! :D Your garland looks adorable =)
Now you need to get inspired with Spring coming and soon you'll have all that green stitched on your birth sampler ;)

I'm behind on my emails but I promise I'll write you back soon ;)

Have a lovely week sweetie :D

mbroider zei

Congrats on a finish, Annette. My heart however is with Winnie & co!!

Great goodies recd for the kids. Noah loves the camera doesn't he!!!