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maandag 8 november 2010

SAL's and mystery sampler, and some other stuff!!!

Hi all, sorry it has been so long, Noah bit the baterry of the camera, and it was broken and we all had a big cold, but we bought a new one and got a bit better, and here I am again.
Not much stitching done, but here I have a few updates:
First the Lizzie Kate SAL stamp of July:It's almost finished, but I run out of a color so need to order it.

Then I have been stitching a bit on the Halloween piece, I got it a day or what for Halloween, and I know I could not finish it on time so, Im taking it easy to finish it for next year (but hope it will finish before the end of the year!!!)
It's such a lovely piece to stitch.. And then my mystery piece:I will reveal that this piece is going to be the birth sampler for my baby!!
And as you can see Tigger and Pooh are on it, but more will come, but that's still a suprise!!

I also have been sewing a bit.
The overall I made last year '(go look at the cute photo's of little Noah on that link )for Noah is much to small, so now I'm making a very big one, hopefully I don't have to make one the next 2 year. Because Noah has red boots I sewed it with red threads and put on red on the end of the sleeves and pipes.
Here's a little detail Thursday I need to go to the market to buy 3 zipper, 3 yes 3, because I wanne make 2 more for my nephews, so can't get a cold any more...hihi

Also this week I wanne set up a new big project what is going to be a gift for Noah for Sinterklaas.
But more over the project soon!!

About Sinterklaas, It's the next holiday we have here, and it's on the 5th of December. (when you klick on Sinterklaas you get to a link about it in English)
Last year I wasn't in the mood for Sinterklaas craft, so need to gets it up now!!
Here is what I made this evening: I'm maing ot for on Noah's window, so teh fall craft can come off!!
More will come.

The little guy was playing so cute this weekend, so made a picture That's all for this time
I wanne thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Till next time

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Lots of great progress. Love the cute overalls.

Hope Noah didn't get hurt trying to eat the batteries! He looks so cute playing soccer.

Amarins zei

Wat een prachtige werkjes allemaal. Je overal vind ik ook wel heel erg leuk zeg! En je lap van pooh beer wordt ook heel erg lief.

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi allemaal annette.
Heb je noah zijne sinterklaas al gehaald.
Ik ga woensdag zien voor julie.
Groetjes sofie

Carla zei

Your Halloween piece looks so good!
Can't wait to see more of the birth sampler :)

Mylene zei

All wip's are looking great and you made a good job on the overall.

Lumiruusu zei

The Winnie the Pooh birth-sampler has started greatly ,I just cant wate to see how many characters from that little forest will come to the picture.
I love to see all those bright colours on this pattern,they make me feel happy! :)

Sinterklaas seems to be an intresting tradition,and its always nice to get known the Christmas-traditions from the other cultures! zei

oooohhh Annette dat lapje van Pooh is echt wel te gek zo'n lief patroontje overall is ook heel leuk , ach jij kan ook van ales hè ? Echt een bezige bij :)!

Tineke Machiela zei

helemaal leuk ,mooi enz..:) er is altijd weer iets leuks te zien hier:)
fijne dag
GRT Tineke

Katrien zei

Je halloween-stukje is zo schattig, wie is de ontwerper?
Het zal een hele leuke geboortelap worden :)

Virpi zei

That birth sampler looks so cute! =)

Carol zei

Noah's overalls are just wonderful, Annette--you are a very good seamstress :) And all of your WIPs look like such fun--I especially love the little Tigger on Pooh's belly!