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zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Lots to show!!


We begin with the stitching part!!
I finshed the June part of the Lizzie Kate SAL

And I started the July part And started a surprise piece.. It's not an existing pattern but a pattern that is made from four patterns together and added more with it, not by my hand but by a very sweet lady.
So are you curious, keep looking here on my blog!!!

I love the fall, why?? then it's time for homemade apple-sauce: And stewed pears:I so love love both, I make it about 2 or 3 times a week, yummy.

And when it's fall you need fall decoration.
So we went to the forest to collect:
And then you get:
The smaller plate is standing in my hallway, and the big one with the lovely squirrel and dead flowers (need to get new ones...) on my diner table. In my front window I have to two vases full of them. The branches with the roses are now felted red/orange/brown leaves photo will follow next time. So love it when the house is so love decorated.

Then my sewing stuff!
I'm making a little stock of baby gifts, may there be many pregnancys when I gave birth I have something to give when I'm not in the mood the sew:
For Noah's room I making more boys stuff
I made from thisThis:Noah loves them, I wanne make 3 more, but first need to draw them, I'm thinking of a train, tractor and a boat or truck.
When the other 3 are done I will make up a little tutorial how I made them!!!
In the last few days I got so many ideas for Noah's room, WHERE is the time to make it.

Look at what the mailman brought, a big box: A box full with fabric I ordered: And I think as a surprise for my big order They put in a sewing magazine, and found a beautifull knit fabric dress in it.
Love love love it, I wanne make it, but first need the right fabric for it..

So think I have written enough for this evening, see you soon
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9 opmerkingen:

Patty C. zei

Your Lizzie Kate SAL is looking great - :)

Carol zei

Little Noah is such a darling boy, Annette! I love seeing him explore the outdoors looking for fall decorations :)

Your Lizzie Kate is coming along nicely--keep up the great work! Good luck on finding just the right fabric for your dress...

kronova zei

zoveel leuks in 1post dat ik niet weet waar te beginnen ;)
Leuke babykadootjes,altijd handig op voorraad.
gezellig zo met al die herfstdeco.
Slimme jongens er een naaiblad bij doen krijg je zin om nog wat te bestellen :-)
zonnige herfstgroetjes van kronova

Lainey zei

Another cute LK Annette and your fall trays are lovely.
Great sewing pieces as well and look forward to seeing everything you make with all that gorgeous fabric.

Annie zei

You just never sit still, do you? Love the LK piece. And all the fall food and decorations are perfect for this time of year.

Good idea to stockpile the cute baby gifts. Have fun with that huge pile of fabric!

Mylene zei

You're a busy bee...i hope all is going well with the pregnancy. Great updates and love your your fall deco's.

Lainey zei

Annette can you email me please.

Gerda zei

Wat een leuk bericht Annette.... ik kijk mijn ogen uit bij dit alles.... slaap je ook nog wel eens hihihhhh!!!


Katrien zei

je hebt weer heel wat prachtige dingen gemaakt! De SAL gaat goed vooruit hé, ik kom achter :)