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dinsdag 28 september 2010

Crafts and ow my back

This morging I was bringing Noah to school, but he did not wanted to go, so when I lifted him up to carry him in to the classroom, I whent through my back. OMG what a pain. I called the doctor, but because of my pregnanty I can't take anything. So it's going to be a fun week...hihi, Thankfully Noah is giving me so much joy, and that takes the pain away....

The last few days I've done a bit of crafting again...
This is my progress of Bumba: I'm so glad the red is finished, but a big piece of yellow is coming up....

The Mooshy Bunny's are so cute to make so look at what I made... And made a cute little blue sling, the flags are much smaller then the normale I make: Need to iron it, but i'm pleased with my little piece.

It has been a while since I baked, so this week I made chocolate cookies from the recipe I found on this blog.
Mine are flat cookies, but her cookies where not flat so need to try it again... but they where very yummy

I'm going to my bed giving back some rest, hope it's a bit better tomorrow.
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Annie zei

An aching back is no fun! Hope the pain eases up soon. Very cute stitching and cookies look great. Who cares if they are flat?

Lumiruusu zei

You have been so busy again,well done!
Great proggres with Bumba,the pattern is new to me so I am happy to see how it looks when finished.
Those little bunnyes are adorable,they make like a big funny,colourful family of bunnyes!
Chocolate cookies looks delicious.
Hope your back is getting better soon!

Vinniey zei

I can see your Bumba is growing a lot. Very cute design. All those bunny are so cute, I love them all. Your chocolate cookies are making me feel hungry, Annette. They looks so so yummy. Must go and find some food in the kitchen later (LOL).

Take great care, Annette. Sleep well and eat well. :)

Katrien zei

the cookies look yummy.
Be carefull what that back.
Bumba looks great.

Carol zei

Oh, I hope your back pain is lessening, Annette! It is so hard to be pregnant and deal with growing, lively children as well!

Your Bumba and bunnies are so cute--what will you do with all of them? I'm a big cookie baker myself, so I'll definitely check out that recipe :) zei

ach Annette toch , hopelijk is je rug vlug beter ,prachtige werkjes toon je daar weer ,ik zit wel een beetje te kwijlen bij het zien van die lekkere koekjes .... jeetje is niet goed voor een mollige zoetekauw zoals ik ben ;) !

Mylene zei

I hope your back is feeling betterby now.

All those bunny are sooo cute. Great job! And the cookies looks yummy!

Daffycat zei

Oh my goodness ~ what an adorable pile of bunnies!

Feel better soon Annette!

Lainey zei

Aww Bumba is just sooo cute Annette and those bunnies are adorable!
Hope your back pain has eased off.

enkulin käsityöt zei

Näyttääpä, herkulliselta nuo piparit. Voi mikä ihana pieni mies Sinulla onkaan ja taitaapa olla rakas sellainen.