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vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Little gifts!!

The last week I wasn't in the mood to craft, this afternoon, sat down by the sewing machine and things come rolling from it.. the virus is back!!!
My neighbor has giving birth to a boy, and made him a cute blue bunny. His older sister also get a present I made her a zipper handbag, the first time I ever made a bag. It's lovely, hope to make some more, some time to practise and make it more beautifull.

My SIL asked my to make her a bib that see can give as a present to her friend who just has given birth to baby girl!!!This is my progress for so far, It needed to be a lot of pink and purple with butterfly's, I made a lovely pattern so hope to finish it soon

Last week DH had his birthday, and made him a lovely ice cream pie. I make it every year, because he loves it so much...

Noah can talk a lot more, it's going so fast every day he learns more words...He can count till 10 and loves to do it, he also nows some letters from the alphabet, the goes like M P Q Z... Expecially he loves to Z.
This afternoon he wanted to paint so here is the result:

When you look good to his face you see that he has a thick cheek and upper lip.
two days ago he fal down very hard, he was crying whole the evening. The next morning it was over, but you can see it very good. At the moment it's having a kinds of colors, purple, blue and green... I can't touch it that hurts very much...

Thanks for the pregnant congratulations... I'm still feeling good, have a lot of problems with my muscles, but that's normal for me...My belly is growing and growing peolpe asked me how far I am and freak when they hear that I'm only 14 weeks...

Thanks for stopping by, hope I can craft more. The idea are growing in my mind...
I love to read your comment.
Till next time...


8 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Oooh.. you made some pretty gifts. And I could sure use some of that delicious looking ice cream pie in the heat here! Nice to see Noah growing up.. He'll make a good big brother!

Mylene zei

Cute bunny and the handbag turned out lovely. The ice cream pie looks delicious!
Poor Noah, hope it heals quickly.

My expeience with the second pregnancy, it did showed up pretty quick-i mean my belly. While the first one took a long while.

Lumiruusu zei

The Little Blue Bunny is so funny ,I just love his face!
Just look at his belly too,he must have eaten quite much carrots!! :)
Who little girls could resist a pink bag like that -so pretty!
-and the stitching too!!
Noah is becoming a true artist,you have many great pictures again.
Thank you for nice comments on my blog-greate to have a blogging-friend like you!

Gerda zei

Hééé Annette, leuke cadeautjes heb je weer gamaakt.... en die ijstaart, daar zou ik ook wel een stukje van lusten, ze ziet er overheerlijk uit!!!

Arme Noah.... zijn wangetje is wel erg dik hè.... het is met vallen en opstaan dat ze moeten groot worden, maar soms hou je je hart toch wel vast hoor.... ik hoop dat het weer gauw beter is!!!

Geniet maar van je zwangerschap, ik weet nog goed bij mijn eerste kindje zag je niet dat ik zwanger was en bij mijn tweede,owowww... mijn moeder zei altijd... ohhh kijk daar "ons Gerdje 's buik is er, zometeen zal zij ook wel binnenkomen"... hihihhh, maar mijn buik was toen ook enorm.... de ene zwangerschap is de andere niet hè!!!

Ik wens je nog een fijn weekend... zei

aaaahhh Annette wat een leuke cadeautjes heb je gemaakt en die ijstaart mmmmm..... die ziet best lekker uit !! Kleine Noah is zo'n flink kereltje ,ik denk dat hij ongeveer dezelfde tijd moet jarig zijn als onze kleine Noor ,ze wordt twee op 11 september !

Marion zei

Hoi Annette.

Wat een leuke kado'tjes heb je gemaakt.
Ach die arme Noah met zijn dikke wang.
Komt allemaal goed.
Met vallen en opstaan worden ze groot.
Geef hem maar een dikke knuf van mij.

Groetjes Marion

Katrien zei

Great gifts you made!
Poor Noah!

Ginnie zei

That Ice Cream pie looks yummy!
Love the blue bunny too.