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vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Stitching and sewing!!

I've been busy this week. First a update of the freebie from Barbara Ana I need to order the DMC Color Variations, Barbara Ana works a lot with DMC Color Variations. It's fun too stitch with.

I've also stitched on the horses a bit. It's not much but it's something.. It's still a lot of brown...

Last week I made the funny chicken for my friend, her mother saw it and loved it, she asked my if I would make one for here too. So I did.. She was so glad with it..

Yesterday we whent to visit a pregnant friend who loves chickens, so I made her a chicken. I bought some diaper wipes and fold them in to a nest, and put the chicken in it... She loved it, it's so fun too make..

Noah is weaking up, so here ends the post.
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Annie zei

You are definitely in an Easter mood. Lots of fun things here. I like the color variations threads too... unlike hand-dyed threads, you can get these wet without them running. zei

ooohhh wow .... You've done very much! The chickens are really sweet! Also very beautiful stitching!