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woensdag 24 maart 2010

A finish, al almost...

I was getting tired of all the brown, so got back on the Freebie from Barbara Ana - Spring in my garden. It's such a lovely pattern and the variations colors are so nice too stitch.
But the color 4150 looked a lot like the color of the fabric, I thought it was more white, if I had know that I hadn't painted the fabric...
Here you can see it:
But what shall I make of it.. Please help, let my know what you think!!

The horses are almost done. I only need too do 2 more green colors... yes all the brown is done... thanksfully. I hope too finish it by the weekend..

Yesterday I got my happy call.. The lady from the sewing store called to tell that my locker was done, so I got in my car and picked it up.
Today while Noah was sleeping I started on his trouser, It's finished so far that I only need too do the buttom border.
But I forgot too wash the fabric first, it is linen stupid me... and I already had cut the two trousers and one jacket, so I decided to sew the trousers and leave the button on-sewed and after washing I will sew it when to boys are whering it..
The jacket is the size of Mika, after sewing it, I will look with of the boys will fit it..
I love this pattern, I have made is so many times for Noah and his nephew's.
If you look closely you see a label... it's my label..

I found this tutorial a few weeks back and tryed it, and it worked... I glued a piece of fabic on a piece a paper. Made the label in Words and printed it, then put it in a cup of vinegar and voila..

I already have said Noah Loves Bumba, at the fabric market last week I bought a yellow fleece. This afernoon I made a pattern, and had the time to sew it aswell.
Look at the lovely outfit:
It's a dress and a had.. looks big?? yes I made it a few size bigger so Noah can wear it long, it's so big that I fit it too, for my it is a T-shirt..hihi.
As a child I had a girlfriend who had a dress-up chest, we loves dressing up in all kind of clothes.. I whould love to make one for Noah, and something he can wear in a couple of years too. I could wear anything because I was so thin.
So the first clothes for Noah is done.. to be continued!!

Noah is ill, he has stomach flu, poor boy, the last two days he throw up everything he had eaten... Today he had eaten something and it stayed in..thankfully, only the diarrhea isn't over yet..

Poor boy, it's so pitiful too see him like this..
Hope is it over soon, than he can enjoy the day again, at the moment nothing is nice, beside watching BUMBA..

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them...


8 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

Oh no, poor Noah! I hope he feels better very soon.

Your Barbara Ana would make the cutest Springtime pillow! Your horses look great. I will be looking forward to happy dancing with you!

kronova zei

Je broekjes zijn erg leuk geworden.
welk patroon gebruik je daar voor?
En ik denk dat een kussen voor in de tuin wel erg toepasselijk zou zijn voor je borduurwerk.
groetjes Kronova

Ranae zei

Oh! The BA is looking so pretty with the bright sunshiny colors.
A Happy Dance is going to be on order soon.
The tags are so cool.
I do hope little Noah gets feeling better, poor baby
I am emailing you soon, my battery in my laptop is working not so well, so I need to get on the other one.

sofietjes handwerken zei

annette die broekjes zijn echt zo mooi.
Ik vind het zo spijtig dat ik geen kleren kan maken zou het ook graag zo kunnen.
Voor julie kleedjes enzo.
Groetjes sofie

Mylene zei

Both WIP's are progressing very well.

I really envy your sewing skills, sewing is not for me-though i did tried before.

I do hope Noah feels better very soon.

Annie zei

Love your Barbara Ana piece. Those are always so colorful that it's hard to pick a fabric that will show off every color. But I think it turned out beautifully.

Very cute little tags for your cute sewing.

Big hugs to Noah. Hope he recovers soon. No fun to be sick. zei

WOW Annette , jij kan werkelijk een beetje van alles , prachtige broekjes heb je gemaakt !! je paardjes zijn echt helemaal te gek en spring in my garden is ook heel mooi , wit had misschien beter geweest dan de kleur 4150 maar toch vind ik dat het niet stoort , persoonlijk vin ik het wel mooi zo !

-::Maris::- zei

Leuke labels! En je borduurwerk van de lente tuin is helemaal super, lekker vrolijk!

Fijn weekend, groetjes Maris