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zondag 28 maart 2010

Come and dance!!

For my it will be a short dance, Noah is almost better from his stomach flu, but now DH and I have it..
With a few stitches a day I managed to finish the horses!!!

Sorry for the short post!!


13 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Happy dancing here with you for your finish. It looks stunning!

Sorry to hear about the stomach, hope you all get better very soon.

Cute picture of Noah on your header.

Daffycat zei

Love the new header photo!

*happy dance* The horses turned out beautiful! Congratulations!

Oh no! I hope all three of you feel better soon! *hugs*

Katrien zei

woohoo for the finish. Sorry to hear you're ill :(

Anoniem zei

Prachtig werkstuk, die paarden!
En een hele mooie foto van Noah.


Ranae zei

Yahoo! The horses are so beautiful, Congrats!

Lainey zei

Your horses are stunning , congratulations on a great finish!
Hope you and your hubby feel better soon.

kronova zei

mooie foto van je zoon, die is inderdaad om te stelen zo mooi ;-)
groetjes Kronova

Siobhán zei

Congratulations on the finish!! It's lovely. I hope you're better soon.

Annie zei

The horses are gorgeous. Yea for a great finish (and an end to the relentless browns!)

Hope you feel better quickly. zei

ach wat een mooie foto van Noah , wat een schattig kereltje en zo'n mooie ogen ....
Gefeliciteerd met je paardjes Annette ze zijn fantastisch geworden !

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Well done! It looks great! Hope you feel better soon.

Carla zei

Congratulations! It turned out great!!

Gerda zei

Hoiii Annette... mooie foto van je zoontje, zo 'n mooi manneke zeg.... en je paardjes zijn prachtig hoor!!!

Liefs, Gerda.