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zondag 7 februari 2010

Something new for on Noah's windows!

The last week I had a lot of pain in my shoulders en back, So I haven't stitch much. Also I have a bad sinusitis.
The Fall Sal is still the same as last time, haven't feel like it to stitch it, but the horses on the other hand having a little progress.
The middle horse is almost done
The bib for Mads is completely finished:
Yesterday I gave it to my on neighbor, they where very pleased with it, they loved it.

Like the titel says I have made something new for Noah's window, the fall things that you can see in this post, I have taken off and replace with this:

I need to think something extra to put alone the animals, say a sun, birds....

This week I have made two lovely pictures of Noah playig with his Duplo
Isn't he the cutest!!!

That all for today, hope for a pain free week ...

4 opmerkingen:

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi annette.
Noah zal zijn ramen gaan bewonderen.
Groetjes sofie

Annie zei

Lovely stitching. That horse is really ooking good.

And Noah looks pretty intense with that building set. What a great toy!

Mylene zei

Cute decorations for Noahs window.
Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon.

Carla zei

The horse is looking good!