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woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Noah is pregnant!!!!!

(two photos aren't standing good, blogger isn't working with me)

No no no....
Yesterday I was in a silly mood. I aways hide toys below his shirt,but this time it look so funny as he was pregnant.....
And here is then the photo:

His thick lip is gone, you can see a bit of it.
Yesterdag Noag went to the nurse. He is growing good, and got two shots, bravo for Noah he didn't cry!!! but in the evening he went early to bed, and slept whole the night.

Today we went to the birthday of Robbert where I made the CARS ABC for, he is 3 year now. This is the card I made for him

He loved it, it is Cars he loves Cars everyting was Cars and a lovely cake with his photo on it.

I promises a photo of my felt creation. The shoe is done, now I need to do the laddybugs, they are so small, but I going to try it..

You all can see it finished soon I hope.

Then I have a photo of the chocolat cow. Still one part to do for it is finished

The last cow is progressing good, but that is for next time.

Here a last lovely photo of Noah espesally for Miek and then I hope to see you back soon all

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments

5 opmerkingen:

sofietjes handwerken zei

zo mooi gedaan dat schoentje echt waar.
En noah is prachtig zo.
Groetjes sofie

Annie zei

Glad to see that Noah is feeling better. He'll probably hate your for this post when he grows up!

Love the shoe and the chocolate cow is a cute one.

Mylene zei

Great pictures of Noah!

Well done on the shoe, looks wonderful and cute card for the b-day celebrant.

Chiloe zei

Stop overfeeding that baby !!! lol

Cute progress !!!

Katrien zei

Wat een leuke foto's van Noahn :-)

Leuk kaartje