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zaterdag 10 oktober 2009

It's weekend!!!

I have 5 days free from work, it looks like a holiday...
Yesterday I went out to diner with the colleagues of the pears picking. It was a warm en cold buffet, and you could full your plate as many as you wood like.
Before we started they explane what the maining was of the evening, and they called a few people in the front, and one of those people was ME!!!!!! My friend had signed me up. I have said sometime during the pears picking (I need to learn to shut-up!!!). We always laugh when there comes a cute guy, and then we give are comment about him, at on time I said when a guy wasn't that cute we put a bag over his head (for fun), then you don't notice it,....
Everyday I had a plastic or paper bag with me for my drink, but they al laugh about it because the thought it was for a guy...
My friend had made a bag with holes (for the eyes), and put it over my boss (Who also stood in the front) his head, then she added a paper on it, whitch I needed to roll down and there comes a photo of Tom Cruise (HE IS SO CUTE CUTE, MY FAVORITE :) :)) In the middle of a those people, my face was al red...
Here a photo of the lovely bag

Below the photo there is typt 'Your Hero'

Al of us who where standing in the front needed to wear a apron

On the apron there is written 'they must always have me'
We needed to wear the apron al the night, if we did, we can keep the apron, so al the night I have wearn it.
With the apron came the consequence that before every course we needed to come in to front, but also that we always get everythnig first, everybody needed to get out of the way wen we standing in line...hihi
It was a very nice evening, and I have laugh from the beginning to the end.....

I also have stitched a lot this week on the last cow.
Here is a photo of my progress:

What do you think of my tablecloth??? It is actual a 'tafelloper(in Dutch)' but can't find the right translation
I bought a tablecloth cut it in 4 pieces, sewed it, and done. I also bought some decoration leaves and put it on the cloth. Then put my plastic tablecloth (for the protection of my table for Noah) and it's a fall table, I also have a piece in the hallway on my shoes cupboard (you can see it on the photo of the felt shoe).

For Noah his room wanne to make someting for his window.
This morning I went with Noah to the center, and bought some colored cardboard.
Here is the result so far:

I think is so CUTE.

I hope my English is understandable!!!!!

Annie I don't think I let the photo see when he grows up....
And Chiloe, I can't help it the boy is eating a lot, he put veryting below his nose...

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment
I appreciate it a lot!!


2 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Sounds like you all had a fun evening with your colleagues.

Great progress on your cow project.

Have a nice sunday!

Annie zei

What a fun night out! It's so nice when you have co-workers you can socialize with.

The cow is looking good and I love your cute project for Noah.