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woensdag 19 augustus 2009

New start and progress

So, I'm back home..
I was staying with my nephew Adam for a couple of days.
He is growing so fast, he is 3 month's now, it's a big boy already
A short vacation, with lots of visits, one of them to my grandmother, she is a bit ill the last couple of weeks...

Now it's washing and vacuuming etc...
But when Noah was asleep I have done a few stitches.
Here is the progress of the mountains from the ABC:4 colors done still 9 to go for the finish of this piece.

Last week I also started a new piece of the cow SAL, it's the last piece of 4.
I think it's about chocolat this time... what do you think?

It's a lovely weather here, the bath for Noah stands outside, when he wake-up he can play in it.
Till next time, enjoy the weather.

Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment's
It's the reason of this blog bying a live...


3 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Het Cars alfabet wordt inderdaad wel heel mooi met die bergen erbij.

Denk dat het ook chocolade is dat je nu aan het naaien bent. Mmmm, ik krijg er al zin in :)

Chiloe zei

GReat job !!! You rock ;-)

Wendy zei

het chiet al goed op, bijna klaar !