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donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Mater and Luigi

Two more cars of Cars done; Mater and little Luigi.
I finally started on Fillmore.
When he is done I decide of I am going too do the rocks.
I think it's to much with the rocks, but I can't see it before the cars are done.
Here the photo of Mater and Luigi

I have been very busy this week.
I have finished 3 trousers for Noah they are so CUTE.
A picute has token, but I don;t know where it
When I find it I let it see.

The weather is here very very very very hot.
It's 30 degrees, maybe more.
And little Noah has a fever, tonight 39.6, he is crying al lot.
I find it so pitiful, he looks in pain, I think it is his teeth.
Mostly it's over in 2 or 3 days, hopely.

I'm going to set some stitches on Fillmore.

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Hugs... enjoys the lovely weather

2 opmerkingen: zei

die cars patronen zijn echt helemaal te gek , prachtig werkje weer !!
grts Ingrid

Katrien zei

prachtig werkje.