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maandag 17 augustus 2009

I finally found it....
This week I was looking through the post's on my blog, and saw a few comment's that I had missed.
I knew that there was something, so that I get a message every time I get a comment, and yes I have found it!!!!!:)
Now I never mis a comment again.

Here is a little update of the mountains of the ABC:

I didn't stitch much this week.
Hope to do more next week.
Noah is changing his sleeps to lesser sleep, so now I have less time to stitch....hihihi.
Hy is growing so fast, he had his 5th teeth, he is trying to walk.
This afternoon I put him on his feet, he remained still without something to hold, then when I set a step behind he stept to me....bravo Noah.
I'm so proud of him

Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments


2 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Oooh dat zijn wel al mooie vorderingen hoor!! Ben benieuwd naar de rest ervan.

Mylene zei

hooray to Noah!!

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