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donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Decision, frames cow and new trouser Noah

Thanks ladies for you quick opinion.
I have decided to stitch the 3 mountain, but NOT the one at the top.
I hope this piece will finish soon, I begin to be a little bit tired of it.
There are so many pieces I still whant to

Here is a photo of the cow SAL I have framed:

The green edge around, I got away, otherwise it don't fit in the list
I very pleased with it, up for the next cow.....

Here is a pfoto of my darling son in his new trouser:

It fits perfect, and stands him so cute......
The next couple of days I have more pictures to how, but need to find them first.
I have been very busy latly...

Once again thanks for the quick help
Till next time


4 opmerkingen:

Wendy zei

Oooh wat een lieve foto van je zoontje!! Hij ziet er echt heel leuk uit in zijn nieuwe broek.

Leuk dat je er toch de bergen gaat bijnaaien, alhoewel het wel heel mooi was zoals het nu is ook.


Chiloe zei

Your son is cuter and cuter !!!!!! I want the same !!! Oh wait: I already have 3 and they don't stay babies !!! lol

Katrien zei

Noah ziet er schattig uit.

Mylene zei

Cute picture of Noah and love your framed piece, wish to stitch that too one day. Did you use 28ct evenweave on this one?