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zondag 17 mei 2009

New beginning, new WIP

From today i'm blogging in Englisch.
Two reasons; i want to improve my Englisch, and the translator does not always work.

My friend's son is having a new room.
He's 2,5 jears a loves the disney animation Cars.
I asked if she would likes it if i make a ABC from Cars, and she loves the idea.

This is the progress I have made.
It a lot of counts, but i like the pattern.

Johnny Depp is finisched.
It hangs to dry now, as soon as it's dry, i make it to a big pinchusion.

Also I have changed the birth sampler for my godchild, I wasn'd satisfield about it.
This week i'm buying a frame, wash the sampler and give it and of the month when it is totaly finisched.

So thanks to the translation on the web, for the words I don't know how to write, i find it turn out great my Englisch, so can I share with everybody my creations.

2 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Congrats on finishing Johnny Depp and good start on the new project.

Either way is fine for me, i can understand the dutch very well, but my dutch in writing isn't that good.

Annie zei

I love that Disney Car ABC sampler. What a fun project that will be!