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zondag 17 april 2016

So much to tell and show you

So there I am again :)
How are you all feeling, enjoying the sun?
At the moment the sun is shining here, but only 8 degrees.
Kira is a bit ill, we planned to go out and skate in our new street the work-men have been working on the last week.. but as tomorrow is school again. we are having a lazy day


At the moment still only crcohet, but in my next post I will show a project i'm working on with Kira

I wanted a new poncho for a long time.
I found a beautifull grey wool, and or a long time I had a lovely pin in my Pinterest.
So I started, and finished :))))
I'm very happy with it
I have been wearing it often last weeks... when the temperature is between 10 and 18. It's lovely to wear. easy to put on when I need to get the kids from school or to school.

~ ~ ~ 

Last year I made a poncho for Kira, but in the morning when it's still very cold. it wasn't warm enough.
So after ordering some patterns from The Velvet Acorn.
I started on a lovely Cape/Poncho..
Found a real PINK color in the store..
And then Kira had a new poncho!!
Now she doesn't feel cold in the morning!!


On the 3the of April, Kira got her very first swimming diploma after swimming onl 6 months
She is very happy with it, and working on the next one.
I promissed her that when the has 2 swimming diploma's she also can do judo..... so... 

~ ~ ~

Yesterday it was the Judo clubchampionships.
Noah was so exciting... and Hubby who started 4 months ago also was exciting
Now I can tell you it was a awesome day
Noah sat in a poule of 6 boy's, one was his best friend that got the 1ste price.. and Noah got a beautifull 2nd place. We are so proud of him!!! His best friend is so good, we now that at this moment it's hard to win.. but I can tell you it was a close call... in the last minute his friend got the first point. From the other 4 boys now won. So proud ♥ :)))
Hubby who saw who his opponents where got very exciting .... the other are doing it so long..
But against all expectations Hubby won all 3 games!!!!!!!So he got the 1ste price..
So I now got a big 1ste place cup and a beautifull 2nd place cup .....
( think I need to finf a bigger house for it all)
I'm so proud on both my men!!!
And cute kira was coloring so sweet.

~ ~ ~

Then about me..
Last weekend I did another run of 5 km 
Many small kids where entering too. At the start I looked above most of them ( the 3km and 5 km started together)
But those kids started..... and I didn't saw most of them anymore... whooooo that fast they where walking....
From the 33 who entered the 5 km I got 7th over the finish!
I feel great.
Then I was talking to a mother, the boy who got 6th never ever run before???????? he was 13 ( i think) .... then I was thinking I need to run longer runs..

The last weeks I was thinking.... let's try and really run a half marathon (21.1km)..... 
I was rejected in the try-out to go learn to run a marathon (42,2km) in 6 months.. and that motivated me very much.. They can't get me small.... :))))
So I jumped on the web and went looking.
I found some schedules.
And started this week.
This morning went for a great run
I found a Half Marathon on the 9th of October.... so training days are on!!!!
From time to time. I will show you some progress
Look at the view I had this morning.. running by the water so great


I have been working in my garden the last weeks!!
It's almost done for Spring... here some pic's from my back garden flowers.

Last week we had one day it was 19 degrees.
So we eat outside
Kids loved it so much!!!

~ ~ ~ 

We also started our green-garden
I made a change in the garden.. we are really going to have big veggies in the garden..
In a other post more


Last week we went to the dentist
Not my favorite.
But kids loved it

So that was my big post for today.
I have been looking on many blogpost I lost in blogloving, get many back..
Still have problems with bloglovin, he removes post that i'm saving :( :(
But back on track now..
Email empty also 
I'm a good girl .. ♥

I will finish with the decoration I'm having in my living as Easter is over.
In 10 day's it's KINGSDAY. so pulled out all my things I made the last years
I gave Lilly some Dutch flowers in her hands....

Have a great sunny sunday you all!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

7 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Aww such a sweet post my dear
You all looking so sweety
Big hugs x

Lumiruusu zei

The both ponchos for Kira are very pretty your Kings day decorations ! Thank you for visiting my blog !

Preeti zei

Glad to know you and your family are making great achievements in sports!! Congratulations to all of you :) My family is not good at sports, none of us swim, run or play Judo.
Your poncho is looking great and so does the one you made for Kira:) and wow! Gardening too? I am just tired at seeing your hard work and also a bit jealous that you can pull it off all together :)
Enjoy your weather, here we are sitting inside in ACs all the day as my daughter's summer vacation has started. Schools closed down early here because of the heat wave and the max temp has touched 42C, which should have been in May:(

♥ Nia zei

Big post :D
Beautiful poncho!! You've been making lovely pieces this last winter :) well done my friend!! Next winter I'll try to be more inspired by remebering all the things you made for you and little Kira too ;) Actually, I love scarfs, even more if it's a chunky one hehehe And often can't find the one I like with the colour I want.. I should just buy a pretty yarn and make my own scarfs! Need to change attitude :p
Congrats to both your little ones!! :D they are doing awesome on their sports :D I'm anxious to get my little man doing something hehehe he's such an active boy, he need some extra activity to burn his energy! Hopefully, when weather gets warmer and he grows a little more ;) also... beach season is coming! hehehehe One of the (BIGGEST) advantages of being here in Lisbon, we have beach!! I love the beach so much :D and so does my boy! ohhhh I think this summer we will have a blast here! No more time to fill up the pool, just go directly to the beach and play on the sand...I'm picturing it already :D
Lovely pics from your garden starting to bloom, it's so fun to watch Spring come and everything blooming =) lovely! I do miss that from my last house.. oh well, looking at the bright side: no garden but the beach to enjoy! I can't even it all ;) heheheh ANd right now.. wouldn't even have the time to take care of flowers..
Love your ami pieces :D Aweosme decoration :D
Oh well..big post = big comment ;) heheheh
hugs&smiles my friend! love you!!

Annie zei

Very nice ponchos for you and Kira. They are great for the cool days.

What an athletic family! You guys are the fittest bunch in town!

Your garden is looking very nice. Real Spring!

Dentist.. ugh. Don't know how anyone could enjoy that!

Carol zei

You have a very athletic family, Annette!! The men are doing so well in their Judo and it looks like Kira will soon be joining them. And your running--well done! I couldn't even run a mile, I'm sure... I love to walk and walk, but not run.

Love the photo of Doctor Noah examining his patient at the dentist's office :) So cute. Kira must be a very brave little girl to trust her brother like that--ha ha!

Lovely white flowers--perfect for you! We are just getting some flowering trees blooming here, but have had a lovely warm spring. I love it!!

Keep up the good work with your marathon training. Be careful and don't overdo it! My sister used to run marathons, but pushed herself to hard and will never be able to run more than 3-5 miles at a time again.

Enjoy your day!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie poncho. Lekker dat het weer wat mooier wordt. Hoop zo dat het op koningsdag droog is. Jullie zijn allemaal zo lekker sportief bezig. Leuk!